Funemployment Radio Episode 1104: CONSPIRACY THEORY

Pre-recorded Guests: Tim Riley, Meryl Hathaway, Rob Gleeson

In-studio Guests: Aaron Duran, Stone Brooks

Today: Bridgetown Comedy Festival re-cap, afterparties and late night, News with Tim Riley!, Aaron Duran in-studio talking Spiderman 2 (spoilers), what is Horror Con, 'Portland's Leading Racist' and W. Kamau Bell, Rob Gleeson & Meryl Hathaway called in to talk about their new show "Riot", which premieres tomorrow on FOX ; also, human feet washing up, Dracula's Castle is for sale, bald man discounts, cocaine water in Britain, and Stone Brooks (aka Murky Bongwater) from Courage stops by to say hello - it's a fun show.  Thanks for listening!

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