Funemployment Radio Episode An Update

Hi folks! This is Greg writing, wanted to fill you in on some things and why we're not doing a show today.
Thursday morning, at about 5:00 am, Sarah X Dylan called me to say she was in extreme physical pain and couldn't figure out what was going on. After talking with her for a few, we determined she needed to get to the ER. I picked her up and in we went. I called her Dad on the way and he started making his way from Bremerton. Over several hours of tests and waiting (repeated over and over) yesterday morning, it was discovered that Sarah had a cyst in her abdomen and it had to be removed ASAP. She went into emergency surgery yesterday afternoon and thankfully came out fine. She spent the night at the hospital and is now released back home and recovering. I know she will be very determined to get back to work right away, but if she isn't ready on Monday, I'll insist she take more time off. The most important thing here is that she is ok. Thank you everyone for all of your support in everything we do! :)

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