Here is where you can find out exactly what that inside joke or reference from a show five years ago actually refers to.


Anita is not a real person, it's someone from our comedy album Romancing the Spammer. Greg created a character named Chester, who would try to woo spammers.

Crazy Cat Lady

A mean old woman with a bunch of cats used to live in Sarah's building. She is now dead.

Precious Tidings and Fingerings

One of Chester Huntington III's twisted catch phrases.

Sarah's Kitchen

Sarah's kitchen is always disgustingly dirty.


A plastic shark on a stick, who is also Sarah's best friend and alter ego.

Thick Ass Judy, aka Tha Clown Juicer

Sarah's Juggalo name.


Vuvuzela is said after someone says something that is particularly hacky. Like if someone says, "That's what she said," you can say, "vuvuzela."

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