Past Episodes: 2010

Funemployment Radio Episode 235

Today’s show: Madness. Sheer madness. We are in costume and out of control; Greg is Mr. Garrison, Sarah is April O’Neil, Kenny is a pig (literally), previous night’s excursions, Ball Talk, World of Crazy, and our Halloween Radio play! Holy god – it is ridiculous. Have a great, safe weekend; talk to ya’lls on Monday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 234

Today’s show: Sarah got her magic eyecream, eyecream sounds weird, breast cancer, Hush Little Baby, Nick Kroll’s a cool guy, Tommy Wiseau, audition for billboard ad, costumes, whiskey Wednesday, Nick Kroll in-studio – chatted about: The League, Lifetime movies, Cavemen show, being on the View, internets, Bobby Bottle Service, Blazers, Ball Talk, small balls, MLB, potheads, predictions, Butters is crazy, Greg looks like Scott Stapp, small crazy, silver dress, new freaky monkey, what does your costume say about you?, and Macho Man Randy Savage.

Thanks for listening, it’s our Halloween special tomorrow! Talk to you then, and hope to see ya tonight @ Helium Comedy Club! Word.

Nick Kroll on The View:

New species of freaky monkey:

Funemployment Radio Episode 233

Today’s show: new website!, Blazer game club seats, rude woman sitting next to us, binoculars, Blazers dancers, we love Bozyk!, Alec Baldwin is an alien, Greg and dragons, Ball Talk, rushing the field, World Series tickets, Exlax Phillies, Paul Conspiracy, World of crazy, Tila Tequila kidnapping, tall men, drunken mailman – NEWMAN!, 28 days later, library ejaculator, and Balloon Boy’s dad sells sticks in the best infomercial EVER.

Here it is!

Funemployment Radio Episode 232

Today’s show: Indian food, smelling, cold outside, Sarah’s sorry flowers, TMNT, Vanilla Ice, Halloween costumes, being stuck on hold, how long can you leave out food?, Ball Talk, Blazer game, Paul the Octopus – we love you, Miami Heat bartab, Cougar Flag, BCS, World of crazy, Charlie Sheen + hookers + blow, Pabst! Blue! Ribbon!, crotch cut, you can now marry yourself, and a man named Malik might be your soulmate.

Thanks for listening, go Blazers!

Paul the Octopus:

Is this your soulmate?

Funemployment Radio Episode 231

Today’s show: weekend recap, Sarah can’t power nap, after hours warehouse rave party, show, birthdays, where is Nate?, Sarah is a bad friend, day drinking, Boardwalk Empire, Aaron Duran of , ghost hunt recap, creepy voices, the ghosts like Sarah, thank god you’re here, Ball Talk, Greg continues to hurt our Fantasy football team, is that Brett Farve’s penis?, and info about our Halloween show!

Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 229

Today’s show: Sarah got into a fight with a tranny, throwing beers, goat pet, Gregs missing part of his nose, dead car, cab driver loves George Bush, free coffee, crazy dreams, bleeding teeth, Sarah’s mad at Greg, phone numbers in bathrooms, Christine O’Donnell and blowjobs, Ball Talk, smattering, Pistons free tickets, Pac 12, Ducks, Ochocinco, voiceover audition for WSU, World of crazy, Mullet fest, arm stuck in toilet, is that a corpse in your passenger seat, and a really disturbing story about young, YOUNG love. Have a great day, folks!

Funemployment Radio Episode 230

Today’s show: It's our one-year anniversary of being fired! Today we went on Cort & Fatboy's show, and in turn they came on ours to talk ruminations about a being fired a year later, whiskey shots, application songs, how we found out, working in radio, more whiskey shots,, all kinds of real shit, and we are unemployed. And love Kenny B.

Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 228

Today’s show: photo shoot with Ray Gordon yesterday, corn hole challenge, drinks, Portland Organic Wrestling, Obama in town, drunk people at the bar and impressions, Dylan from My Life in Black and White, eye cream, Mickeys, getting kicked out of shows, Ball Talk, OSU vs. WSU, magic shoes, eye surgery, Cameron Diaz stalker, drunk kicker, TO is celibate, World of Crazy, Sarah is crazy, no more Father Dowling, no more Four Loco, wheelchair robbery, and NOFX.

Thanks for listening! We’ll talk at ya tomorrow. Love you long.

Funemployment Radio Episode 227

Today’s show: recovering from the ghost hunt, Dexter, Attack Ships on Fire and their AWESOME song about FER and U8A22!, hair clumps, hair cuts, dreads, photoshoot, Ball Talk, OSU vs. UW, LeBron poetry, really really bad Duke rap, World of Crazy, Hoarders lack of background check, Justin Bieber is a douche, DARE vs. parents, and cheetos in your armpits. Thanks for listening, we’re off to get pretty for our pictures!

Funemployment Radio Episode 226

It’s our ghost hunting extravaganza! Join us as we explore Dan & Louis Oyster Bar in downtown Portland and conduct the first ever paranormal investigation on the premises! Greg had Ball Talk, predictions, predictions gone horribly awry, NFL, College Football, instead of World of Crazy there were Haunted Portland Stories!, Pittock Mansion, White Eagle, other places, updates on our ghost hunt, freaky shit, more to come!

Thanks for listening! It’s 5:00 in the morning; we need to go to bed now. xo


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