Past Episodes: February 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode : Funemployment Radio heads to!

Hey friends - Sarah and Greg here! Yes, for the first time in about, oh, FOREVER, we are actually semi-employed again, and for the Portland Trailblazers! We are super excited about this new opportunity, and will be doing a weekly show starting this Friday for Expect the same shenanigans that you've come to know and love (or despise) on Funemployment Radio, except for more local stories, as well as live streaming video!

We hope that you'll join us on our venture; our first episode (which you can watch live on your mobile phone as well) will kick off this Friday at 4pm PST. Thanks for your support and for listening, we love you long time!

Oh, and also be sure to pick up a copy of 'Romancing the Spammer' available now on iTunes for the low low price of $9.99. It's 30 tracks of the story of Chester and Anita, plus bonus features that you can only hear on the album. Click here to head to iTunes and get a copy today, if you please :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 307

Today's show: Valentines day re-cap, Hooker high-low, Blazers meeting!, excited and nervous, fever dreams, small mucus balls, Blazers win!, Lamarcus is awesome, Michael Vick on Oprah, Ke$ha, World of Crazy, shaving, miner porn, 30 items in rectum, and Book of Mormon. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 306

Today's show: it's Valentine's Day!, not bitter, the weekend, Romancing the Spammer, Sarah's valentines present, being single, Aaron Duran,, comic book, Tuggy, magic vodka concoctions, pink drinks, Interview with the Vampire, Greg's meat stick, Ball Talk, Blazers, Lebron fight, free food, Lamarcus is awesome, World of Love, wedding knife stabbing, finish the pick-up line, and pick up Romancing the Spammer on iTunes and CDbaby. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 305

Today's show: bus ride, it's not Halloween - no free candy, dirty old Greg, Mawgwi vs. ET, Romancing the Spammer album release, Social Network, Rendered Useless, broken tooth, RAWK, balls, Blazers, Shaq and Turkey, BATS!, Diana's package, Greg's hair, Crazy, cockroaches, Dora the XXXplorer, homeless cigarette hooker, and crazy cat lady. Happy weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 304

Today's show: media bowling, strip clubs, greg bowled a 200!, clark kent, licking strippers, motorboating, Tig Notaro, Andy Wood, Suzie's Floozies, Bridgetown Comedy, Sarah Silverman, Sexual harassment in the workplace, danger zone, and Kenny B. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 303

Today's show: our new comedy project!, recording, giant jenga, no prep, water aerobics bitch, pajamas in public, tiny ball talk, Carmello and eating club, Jen Lane from Barfly Magazine (, Love Stinks lets drink, Sarah's new ringtone, World of crazy, Harry Balls, update on butt implant death, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 302

Today's show: blazer game win!, Party suite, LA, cults, Heavens gate, our secret cult, ball talk, Blazers!, Cleveland losing streak, hilarious National Anthem mistakes, World of Crazy, dildo birthday present, steak beating, 216 pairs of underwear, butt-implant death and a soap-eating girl. Thanks for listening!

Soap Eating Girl

Worst Nation Anthem EVER:

Funemployment Radio Episode 301

Today's show: weekend re-cap, super bowl strip club, day adventures, My New Vice, leaving your card, alcoholic whipped cream, gross strippers, Aaron Duran of!, Four Loco, Jeff, nerdy poems, Meat Loaf, humiliation, ball talk, Blazers game tonight!, and magical fun. Thanks for listening! Word.

Funemployment Radio Episode 300

Today's show: it's our 300th show! yippee! talked about Ray Gordon's art show, random city adventure, World of Warcraft nerd facts, Ball Talks, Super Bowl bets, Pigface Manboy - the musical, and THE LONGEST SHOW EVER (and Tuggy)! Thanks for your support and for listening, love you long time. xo

Funemployment Radio Episode 299

Today's show: Bowling, pigface manboy - the musical, what happens when you bowl 300, whiskey shots, art show, ball talk, blazers loss, u of o big score, bad mother, happy birthday rob!, and azeroth vs. the earth - a forum discussion. Thanks for listening!


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