Past Episodes: November 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 504

Today: Blazers meeting, Greg saw the Muppets, Sarah's ladies night, Classy as Fuck Winter, Greg and his eggs, people that look like 'scrambled egg eaters', peeing kicker (not Ray J), kid who hates Tom Brady, goddamn Kenny Powers, eating a live frog, daughter prostitute, and a new ringtone for Sarah. Tomorrow morning - Rhys Darby!

Funemployment Radio Episode 503

Today: 4-feet of toilet paper, The Muppets!, Greg is creepy, tutu winter, Wise Winter, football-shaped eyes, bolo summer, smoking and running, Elbow, worst mix-up ever in live radio, Conrad Murray sentencing, OSU christmas tree thieves, ornament stabbing, and cradling an invisible baby. Thanks for listening! Thursday in-studio: Rhys Darby! Fuck yeah!

Funemployment Radio Episode 502

Today: Hello again! Weekend recap, Mexican Thanksgiving, Sarah is a Bremelo, drinking in public, Aaron Duran in-studio, giant Sharkies, prediction, Colts kid, Turkey-eating contest, Browns rant, Black Friday trampling, 4-inch leech, and worlds fattest woman is back in the news. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 501

Today: Day-before-Thanksgiving! Sarah is cranky, Greg is flying to California to say hi to your relatives and sleep with a ghost, predictions, Busty is creepy, fined in pigs, and have a great Thanksgiving all! Back with new shows next Monday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 500

Today: It's our 500th episode! Holy shit! Aaron Duran in-studio, Mickeys and Four Loco, Fireball Whiskey, answering your questions, bad karaoke, amazing shenanigans, and thanks for listening and supporting us - we are so so so grateful for you. Thank you. Thank you.

Funemployment Radio Episode 499

Today: case of the Mondays, Muppet movie, technical difficulties, where do you find a Juggalo?, St. Paul Rodeo, monkeys riding dogs, bathroom etiquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt (it's 1994), Lee Corso, Victoria's Secret bedazzled sports shirts, burning down the ticket stand, and thanks for listening! 500th show tomorrow! Holy shitballs!


Funemployment Radio Episode 498

Today: Welcome to Day 5, greg pisses sarah off, bacon vs. turkey bacon, bus ride and too-friendly driver, Urinal Etiquette, Kenny B and his girlfriend, Twilight Moms, U of O vagina, NCAA headquarters snafu, high school and porn hunt, and Kenny bombs nerd facts. Have a great weekend, thanks for chatting with us folks!

Funemployment Radio Episode 497

Today: Ghost Buster facts, National Treasure, dressing like Pilgrims, Harland Williams, Pink Harland, The Rutt, birdcalls, Oregon mountains, Robin Hood, National Geographic world tour, cocoa leaves, Sex on a shuttle cock, curling announcer, SUPERSTAR, Things you don't know you don't know, and Harland does the best liner ever. Thanks for chatting live with us, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 496

Today: Greg counting dongs at the gym, airplanes, neighbors and open doors, never answer the door, Mark the Brit, tinkers, online poker, English terms, ball talk, English-off, London Rippers, POWER GOBBLER, and Mark speaks 'Merican. Thanks for listening, back tomorrow live @ 9am!

Funemployment Radio Episode 495

Today: Sarah is "ignorant", Christwire is nutty, Portland psychic stripper, people in chat are hilarious, Kat Von D cheated on 19 TIMES, Ryan Air porn, butt weed, Naked man in a nut tree, Peyton Gone, Tebow Jesus, Favre, poor Erin Andrews, and Greg talks, in great detail, about dirty airplane bathrooms. Thanks for listening!


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