Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 424

Today was amazing! Ate Burgerville, talked cornhole, had a creepy-off contest (guess who won?), Rick Emerson (, in-studio (we love him), and all-around one of the most disturbing shows we've ever had - Sarah is broken inside. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 423

Today: Bachelorette party locals, stripper or no stripper?, bug bites, forum update, ninja turtles, Mark's intros, small but virile balls, Charlie Sheen's funeral, high on poppies crop circles, yacht sex goes wrong, extra sugar hooker, and is that a uterus in your stomach, mister?

Funemployment Radio Episode 422

Today: Greg is covered in bug bites, Whaling Days in Bremerton, mexican bridal shower, rock throwing, Aaron Duran, Blonde bombshell, itchy balls, yoga porn, loved one ammunition, four-time penis touching, peanut butter and jelly, and is that a crack pipe in your vagina? Happy Monday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 421

Today: Kenny ignored Sarah and Greg at Brewfest, we love all of our listeners - yes! you too!, Squatch bait, Rickets Fest, Max ride and pregnant lady, meth heads, initiation for boys weekend - don't forget the lube, truckstop flasher, Se7en killer, truck nuts, and Kenny's nerd facts. Have a great weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 420

Today: Orny Adams in studio! Such a rad dude. Talked about Portland, stand-up, MTV and Teen Wolf, Jerry Seinfeld, dollar store pregnancy tests, $500 sunglasses, injecting PDX, Spanish teachers have big boobs, Cassidy's has an amazing happy hour (1331 SE Washington) and off to brew fest! Follow Orny Adams on Twitter!

Funemployment Radio Episode 419

Today: Do you ever have those times in your life when you realize that you are listening to something that is completely magical and you feel so fortunate to be a part of it? That is our interview with Tim Lapard, owner of Team Ghost Riders, a.k.a. amazing DOG-RIDING MONKEYS. This is one of the most incredible interviews we've ever done (mostly due to the charismatic Mr. Lapard); we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did. Dreams do come true! We give you... the greatest speech of all time

Funemployment Radio Episode 418

Today: running at the Blazers facility, clean apartment, hoarder storage unit, Sarah HATES doing dishes, buying socks instead of washing them, smelling for clean, happy birthdays, ricketsfest, NFL exists!, good ring karma, George Lucas' daughter MMA, Provo jail man, corpse awakening, and is your ass too big or your toilet seat too small? Thanks for listening!  

Funemployment Radio Episode 417

Today: weekend recap, Foo Fighters stalking, Tropical Summer, floating the river, Pee-Wee tattoo, sunburns, congrats to Eric and Angela!, old bike rider, bobblehead mistake, dumped, dead Amy Winehouse, don't put it on me girl, and tie a brick to the penis.

Funemployment Radio Episode 416

Today: cornhole and Sportlandia, playing American Idol, Casey Holdahl in-studio, Seinfeld and 90210 quiz, Kenny B, Paula Abdul, Katy Perry, chainsaw, what's your sign?, moonstones inside of me, Nerd Fact, and Happy Birthday Jon! Have a great weekend, everyone

Funemployment Radio Episode 415

Today: Greg hates Sarah, she needs an alarm clock, COURTNEY STODDEN IS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON EVER, Mr. Anchorsplash, Greg still hates Sarah, Tigers caddy, Manchester United, USC=USB, selling monkeys on the internet, high school revenge, sinkhole, and semen-tainted yogurt update.


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