Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 414

Today: haunted house, trivia, dust storms, not-so-tropical summer, big Jenga, Elin can't get away from Rachel Uchitel, bad tattoo, bad roommate, MC Hammer bobblehead, cheesypoofs!, J-Lo is single, Britney Spears is disgusting, Walmart masturbator, shampoo fight, and penis in a garbage disposal. Please please sun, come out!!

Funemployment Radio Episode 413

Today: WE HAD THE SEINFELD CHALLENGE. Who won? Find out! Also, Shannon from Shan Rock's Trivia in-studio, Kelsey meet Frances McDormand and a Coen brother, and we drink a lot of beer and play soundbites. Off to trivia!

Funemployment Radio Episode 412

Today: we say good-bye to a long-running (and to this point unknowing) guest of our show, Big Jim in-studio, James Blunt, not in that way, open letter, comedy nights, Hope Solo, who's your #1?, creepy, and how to properly approach a meth head. Tomorrow - Shannon, owner of Shanrock Trivia! Link to a pretty darn awkward video

Funemployment Radio Episode 411

Today: It's Friday! In-studio: Kenny B, our new sales rep Ryan Dunn, and Neal Brennan - he of Chapelle's Show fame... we talk about things that should never be spoken of, such as Dave Chapelle, sex in places you shouldn't have it, and it's just a fucking awesome interview, check it. Have a great weekend! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 410

Today: Geek in the City radio, pirates, rum, drinking games, biker bar, road soda, Ouija board, palm reading, shirtless lady soccer players, open water swimming, peeing in your seat, Mrs. Baldwin arrested, flying cars exist, and is Greg Nibler - MANOREXIC?

Funemployment Radio Episode 409

Today: dog-painting, 3 1/2 mile run, Bill Plympton in-studio, animation, Powell's Books, two balls, death make-up, Mila Kunis is rad, petworking, Breast summer ever, homeless BBQ, "owner of killer bear chokes to death on sex toy", and we love taco bell. Here's a link to vote for the BREAST SUMMER EVER

Funemployment Radio Episode 408

Today: Cry-baby, John Waters, Eight Men Out, Ally McBeal is ridiculous, dog painting, chupacabra, Elvis happy birthdays, small virile balls, Derek Jeter better pay up, Hope Solo, rockstar robbery, doggie DNA, giant boner spiders, and monkeys in love.

Funemployment Radio Episode 407

Today: game night, where were the hot lady dentists?, downtown, beer pong, Aaron Duran in-studio, Twitter craziness, Ninja Turtles, Tiger Woods announcement, Derek Jeter socks, sandwich fight, no razor for armpits, three prostitutes and an old man, and we've got a new sales rep! Thanks for listening, have a good night!

Funemployment Radio Episode 406

Today was a magical episode - Kenny B is back! Also included was rum + Tuggy + Kielen + hilarity = happy. Love you all, have a great weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 405

Today: we're alive after yesterdays shenanigans! Batz vs. TSA, van guy and his lady friend, Greg's haunted house, the Winchester House, Tommy Wiseau and horror movies, douchey reality shows, Toronto hurts people, Charlie Sheen roast, bunny rabbits made him do it, and an ultimate act of Darwinism. Burn off clouds, burn!


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