Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 386

Today: it's graduation day, goddamn we're old, grad night, Holland Road, haunted place, Greystone Church in Pullman, breaking in, Greg grew up in a ghost town, NFL 8 games, finger biting, scholarship without playing, no Superbowl ring, twin friars die on the same day, and it's not as bad as you think - The Exorcist. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 385

Today: Sarah is apparently a white devil, Seattle is crazy, vomiting in a trash can at a pool, piroshky, gay bar tour, Greg is a wrestler, camping, Diablo Blanco, Aaron Duran, Area 51, getting photos confiscated, flying in restricted airspace, Mavs vs. Dallas, horrible rap song, shooting self in leg, USC ban, and CJ2K. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 384

Today: Sportlandia, Bob Marley, Sarah's awesome soundbites to mess w/ Greg, NBA finals, Lebron crying, Shaq rapping, Kobe and ass-smelling, Bieber fans are nucking futs, f'ing bear and pants around ankles, stabbing yourself to avoid paying money, Obama condoms, running naked to be free, and Deliverance - not as bad as you think! Thanks for listening, have a safe, fun, glorious weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 383

Today: Comedian Bob Marley in-studio (very very funny dude), swearing, Boondock Saints, drinks with Willem Dafoe, being on Letterman, talking about cookies to Jean Luc Picard, cheese-it addiction, touring, start in comedy, Irish Catholic parents invading movie set, omedy arn, and acting out a death scene - opened or closed? Thanks for listening, and be sure to check out Bob @ Helium Comedy Club tonight and this weekend - tickets at!

Funemployment Radio Episode 382

Today: Greg and his make-up, Sarah was chased by a dog on her scooter, Bill and Rachel Oakley in-studio, malt liquor, Simpsons, Portlandia, getting a gig in the industry, how the Oakley's met, college shenanigans, Deliverance, small balls, Shaq retires, Bill on twitter, nutra sweet, area 51, sardines and hot sauce, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 381

Today: weekend re-cap, Sportlandia (and thanks to listeners who came out!), our night out with Bobby Lee, rainy BBQs, Rim Job Bicycle Gang (?), apocalypse dream, audition, GTL, Sarah's burned, NBA finals tonight, tattoos for trade, Jason Terry's tattoo, no drinking for Timbers Army, army's of attacking squid, blackbeards anchor, penis removal, and butter attack. Thanks for listening, the one and only Bill Oakley in-studio tomorrow! Malt liquor shall be consumed!

Funemployment Radio Episode 380

Today: fancy apartment, nerds unite, "Presentation Karaoke", Bobby Lee, Sportlandia today, Kenny B from Costa Rica, apologies to his girlfriend, East vs. West, Bills maybe relocating, Tiki Barbur compares himself to... Ann Frank?, cheating on pregnant wife, arrow for a cellphone, watermelon face, pork roast inflatable body, and urine perfume. Congrats to Bill Oakley on his new gig, and happy birthday to Mr. Scott Dally! Have a good and safe Memorial weekend, all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 379

Today: Bobby Lee came to hang out with us in-studio, and before we knew it an hour had gone by! We talked about Larry David, Pineapple Express, break-ups, divorce, 30 ninjas in a stable, Mad TV, drug addiction, pooping your pants, Pauly Shore, strip clubs, mouth vs. vagina, high school, and loving what you do. Thanks for listening - it's because of you we get the opportunity to interview awesome folks like this, and we are grateful for you. Yes, you! Bobby Lee on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Funemployment Radio Episode 378

Today: we hung out with Patty Mills! Greg's trip to his parents, bobcats in the wilderness, dream cows running like dogs, community college, Mt. Tabor, Kielen King has copies of his new album (woo!), new coach for Lakers, catfish noodling, gambler cap, no internet while menstruating, and is your dad "homogay"? Thanks for listening! Catfish noodlin'!

Funemployment Radio Episode 377

Today: actor party thing last night, Greg almost lost his identity, child actors, GREEN WITH ENVY TRAILER - WATCH IT!!, She-ra vs. He-Man debate, more She-ra vs. He-Man, Skeletor history, Orko, Harold Camping is an 89-year-old idiot, shovel attack, flea collars for employees, and update on the feces-spitting postal worker. Thanks for listening!


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