Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 346

Today's show: weekend recap, man thought Sarah was a hooker and Greg was a pimp, Transvestite, serenade, bus ride, Paula Abdul dance, David Walker ( & Aaron Duran (, in-studio! Holy god, these guys are hilarious. We talk Corky, hooker prices, selling your soul, music, comics, and magic. Thanks for listening friends!

Binary Data
Worst Beatboxer Ever - Watch more Funny Videos

Funemployment Radio Episode 345

Today's show: Steady as she goes, doorbell butt, Sugar Bush the squirrel, Sarah loves Shelley Long, Hello Again, anarchy downtown, south korea chicken ball talk, LeBrons mother assault, Iverson is a douche, taking kickball too seriously, Hulk Hogan and little people!, hotel porn, homosexual painting, beer is good for you, and is this a cigarette or hearing-aid? Sportlandia live at 4pm today, happy weekend everyone!

Binary Data
Worst Beatboxer Ever - Watch more Funny Videos

Funemployment Radio Episode 344

Today's show: Aries Spears in-studio! Chatted about video games, Chelsea Handler can't take a joke, Snoop Dogg and weed, fancy movie sets, Jerry Maguire, strip clubs, DMX and a razor blade -check him out tonight and this weekend at the Helium Comedy Club! Also, Kenny B called in with Costa Rican 'nerd facts', and we love him. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 343

Today's show: Blazer game re-cap, creepy sign with little girl, french fry stealing, Lisa and Brian Wood from Big-Ass Sandwiches, and a whole lot of very inappropriate (and hilarious) conversation, and Ball Talk, plus our Big-Ass Sandwich Funemployment Radio special is happening next week! Warning- today's show is quite explicit - please know it's not safe for work.... and maybe for life. :) Tomorrow in-studio - Aries Spears!

LeBron is a douche:

Funemployment Radio Episode 342

Today's show: Kurt Cobain death anniversary, goddamn we're old, curse of 27, Robert Johnson, selling soul to the Devil, online soul-selling, who is today's equivalent of Nirvana?, Ball Talk, Blazers tonight, LeBron is a douche, Nash baby rumors, Lions are idiots, World of Crazy, Titanic news, fancy PDX thief, and prostitutes paid with gift cards. Thanks for listening!

LeBron's show intro:

Funemployment Radio Episode 341

Today's show: This weekend, Blazer game, walking on broken glass, joining a gym, crazy neighbors, Burt Reynolds at gym, Rick and Dawn from the Rick Emerson show!, Sarah hates Chase, Mom vs. shoes, Mickeys, World of Crazy, Charlie Sheen fail, stripper girlfriend, drunk on Gatorade, and a couch-eating woman. Thanks for listening, friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 340

Today's show: Sportlandia today @ The Game (the bar, not 'the game'!), breakfast sandwich debate, Greg is bonkers, Ball Talk, Blazers game tonight, time to play with yourself, World of Crazy, Britney Spears - crazy?, feces (of course) in a strip club, and a talking monkey. Happy Friday, all! Love you long time!

Funemployment Radio Episode 339

Today's show: magical language, babies talking, Sarah's accidentally goth, cobra twitter, killer bees, Zombie Economics, Ball Talk, Jay Z in trouble, BCS problem, soccer vs. football, prom proposal, World of Crazy, Federline's fertile, free vasectomy, vodka tampons, and a man fused to a chair. Literally. Thanks for listening!

Creepy babies talking:

Black Eyed Peas / Bad Lip-reading:

Funemployment Radio Episode 338

Today's show: Lincoln City, blown-out tire, gambling, agates, blind Muppet, Wizard of Oz, Woodstock, yelly people, Kenny B live from Costa Rica!, giant cockroaches, Jay brings Mickeys and pictures!, Ball Talk, Blazers, King James, fake cops, VCU coach pay-off, AK-47, Oooga Chugga, and thanks for listening friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 337

Today's show: going to the coast, gambling at Casino's, secret portal at the Spaceroom, crazy mohawk screaming guy, I'm a pirate!, Ball Talk, Blazers win, big... egos, smack talk, March Madness gambling win, World of Crazy, facebook depression, watch a movie with me mom, DIY tattoo kit, and excuse me, is that your testicle or mashed potatoes? Thanks for listening!

Here's the link to the download of Kielen's version of "UR Rawk is inefficient"! word.


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