Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 278

Today's show: Greg and Sarah have colds, racoons, haircuts and hair blue, Get him to the Greek, Russell Brand, Courage, practice and blisters, meth heads, three-legged dog, media bowling, Love's Wild Desire, Ball Talk, Blazers, Boo-Ray, Golden voice radio guy (awesome!!), World of Crazy, coffee on a plane, nipples, cold fries, Meg Ryan ruins another marriage, and Greg's auditing story. Thanks for listening! Golden Voice:

Funemployment Radio Episode 277

Today's show: Craigslist Killer!, dating ads, Christian dating site, new characters, re-virginizing, creepy racoon dream, stabby girls, Ball Talk, Blazers vs. Dallas, Lebron is a douche, Favre and his ladies, Cassidy's, World of crazy, lions den cam, small pints, polish sausage fight, facebook stabbing, tax-evading witches, H&R Block, and Transylvania. Back tomorrow friends! Word.

Funemployment Radio Episode 276

Today's show: Happy 2011 all! H&R Block new sponsor, Barfly Bus, New Years, Blazer game, Sam and the bus ride, new ringtones on the bus, Aaron Duran, Four Loco, comic book, True Blood, Nic Cage, movie trailers, lesbian scene, Ball Talk, Blazers win, Lakers lose, foot fetish, World of Crazy, DIY castration, cigarette smoking and rock hitting, levitating God, and is that a zuchini wrapped in duct tape? Thanks for listening, back tomorrow!


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