Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 494

Today was our first live stream and SO MUCH FUN. Technical difficulties, boing boing, calls from Australia, music, Aaron Duran in-studio, Kenny and Tuggy stop by to say hi!, virile balls, nerd facts, creepy liners, what is wrong with Kenny, Tuggy's dating troubles, and we'll be live tomorrow at 9:30am! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 493

Today we had Aisha Tyler in-studio! Rad lady! Talked about: beer, ITS JUST A DONUT, funemployment, tent city, Girl on Guy podcast, Travis Rice, show prep, Penn State, drink later than 2am, zombie apocalypse, apple whore, Talk Soup, being on Friends, also - Happy Birthday Big Jim and Kenny B - great job!

Funemployment Radio Episode 492

Today: mommy- wow! I'm a big kid now, childs birthday party, Sarah was a problem child, Greg and his skull-man monster, attack of the rubber dildos, Penn State is just a big ole mess, facts about Portland, and tomorrow in-studio: Aisha Tyler!

Funemployment Radio Episode 491

Today: Greg and Sarah are congested, it's Christmas-time in Portland! (not really), formats, Aisha Tyler in-studio Friday!, Greg is creepy, Tiger's ex-caddy not racist, DNA testing, getting kicked out for profanity, more info on live stream, and have a great night everyone!

Thank you so much, Eric!

Funemployment Radio Episode 490

Today: Greg and his secret song, Jack and Jill, loving to hate, twitter accounts are worth big bucks, not-drunk frat kicker, "He woke up gay", Lifetime movie Sarah watched, and safe Christian names for penis. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 489

Today: it's Aaron's two-year anniversary on our show! Also, Greg and Aaron form cults, Sarah went to a brainwashing camp, leeches in a pond, Catholic school, conservative in SE, Mickeys, live stream, and thanks for listening!!

Funemployment Radio Episode 488

Today: We are starting a live stream! Head to our website for details. We've got pirates in-studio, YAR! What follows is pirate talk, drinking rum, what it takes to be a pirate, Captain Redgoat, bras are hard, how do you become a pirate?, Swashbucklers ball, Monmouth/Independence, unibrows, and more rum. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 487

Today: Lifetime wow, Kenny Rogers and Through the Years, Brittney Daniel, Sweet Valley High, douchey Texan tattoo, Nickelback, Serena Williams and her panic room, Lindsay Lohan has shitty Playboy pictures, Bieber love-child and Snooki is a New York Times Bestseller. Tomorrow - pirates! Yar!

Funemployment Radio Episode 486

Today: Sarah is a cyberbully, there is a movie called Cyberbully, holy shit there is a juggalo dating website, Greg is signing up for the juggalo dating website, Cardinals win, thumbtack kid, Packers song, burning down the pizza store, what is a zombie worm, face in balls, and a shape-shifting donkey prostitute. Happy Wednesday!

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