Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 464

Today: Graffiti and Sharky, Geek in the City, Amanda Knox verdict, Greg likes trashy blondes, Number ones, Madonna is still alive, Mom ruins career by Facebook, Yankee beer guy gets screwed, touching yourself in McDonalds, boob saves life, model cannibal, and one of the worst stories you'll hear today. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 463

Today: Sharky is back! And made of metal! Holy shit! Also, Kenny in-studio with his friend Juan from Costa Rica, ethnic whores, White Eagle Saloon, Sportlandia, Greg's predictions, and how to swear in Spanish. Have a great weekend all, we're off to see Mark Curry!

Funemployment Radio Episode 462

Today was hilarious, we had Mark Curry (aka Mr. Cooper from "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper") in-studio, talked TV, touring with Whitney Houston, sports, clubbing, famous friends, the economy, going to the Superbowl, and all other kinds of crazy things. Do yourselves a favor and check him out at Helium Comedy Club this weekend, he is so goddamn funny. Cheers!

Funemployment Radio Episode 461

Today: you go girl toilet foam, Sarah has problems, complete review of THE BODYGUARD, favorite teachers from childhood, Portland comedian Nathan Brannon in-studio, comedy scene, he has no colon, backpack contents, whiskey, and so much fun. Happy Wednesday, all! Nathan's facebook/paypal page:

Funemployment Radio Episode 460

Today: speed of light, Greg is a nerd, Halloween costumes, Sarah's getting old, gift from listener Jeff, Nancy Grace is gross, get well Arvydas!, Brooklyn Nets and Jay-Z, black mold, missing mountain boy, Jacoby's a good lookin' dude, and please remember to vote for us under comedy podcasts at, thanks!

Funemployment Radio Episode 459

Today: crazy weekend, bad chick songs, Kelly Clarkson, cheese-grated feet, orange legs, Lady Gaga, Sarah's a handfull, Aaron in-studio, hairy legs = more sexual experience, and thanks for listening! The song Greg is obsessed with. Good lord.

Funemployment Radio Episode 458

Today: SPECIAL GUESTS TODAY: SCOTT THOMPSON AND KEVIN MCDONALD FROM KIDS IN THE HALL!!!! Holy shit, it was awesome. There really isn't a lot to say, except that they are insane in all the right ways. Seriously incredible, there is talk of nude gay clubs, Brain Candy, Michael J. Fox's Mom and everything in between. Sarah.....sorry you were in Seattle

Funemployment Radio Episode 457

Today: Sarah's off to Seattle, REM broke up, Sarah still doesn't have her shoes, fake Lady Gaga, women and children first in Turkey, paternity papers, Facebook is the new myspace, porn dwarf alive!, your birth control doesn't work, PETA sucks balls, and tomorrow - Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald from KIDS IN THE motherfucking HALL!

Funemployment Radio Episode 456

Today: Greg ruined Sarah's joke, Sarah had plastic in her chicken tacos and no shoes for her wedding, Shanrock in-studio, Charlie Sheen Roast, Amy Schumer is hilarious, Kids in the Hall guests on Thursday (fuck you, Greg), and Freaks and Geeks Trivia with Shan vs. Sarah. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 455

Today: what a fun weekend! Dave Attell show, Sarah and childhood pictures, Kielen in-studio, The Geek in the City Awards, did Sharky die?, Pirate ladies love Greg, gym locker room etiquette, literal ball talk, and have a great Monday, all!


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