Past Episodes: October 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 713

Today: w We are joined by our amazing friends and comedians Shane Torres and Ian Karmel! Things start with Greg discussing whether or not he was a School Bus bully and then as we are joined by Ian and Shane. we devolve into hilariousness!

Funemployment Radio Episode 712

Today: We're back! Trail Blazers Media Day recap, story about building tute moving out, Paul Pierce is really British, many happy birthdays, Danny Bonaduche has hotdog skin, eel in bum, toilet paper is a waste, and an Oregon man is eaten by hogs. Thanks for listening friends - tomorrow on the show we'll have Ian Karmel & Shane Torres!

Funemployment Radio Episode Monday's episode

Hey guys, apologies for the lack of update. We posted on Twitter, but looks like it didn't make it on here. We ended up working the Portland Trail Blazer's Media Day all day yesterday for our other show Sportlandia, so there was no episode. However, fear not! We are back in action today, live at 2pm. Then back to the regular Noon schedule from Wednesday on out. Thanks for your patience!


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