Past Episodes: 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 702

Today: Greg went camping and is full of spiders, Sarah and her sandwiches, Lifetime movies and weird knowledge about B-list celebrities from 1996, new Becky-Paige-Karen, Christopher Walken and The Dead Zone, forgotten TV brothers and sisters, Football updates, Amanda Bynes is crazy/hot, Stay away from Seattle Day, busch light stabbing, and the LISTENER PARTY IS 5 DAYS AWAY!! Woohoo!

Funemployment Radio Episode 701

Today: Aaron Duran and Kenny B in-studio, cornhole championships, Star Trek and Q, the tale of the mother-in-law and is she in Taiwan, country sleuthing & is this Aaron's mom in Playboy?, predictions, merriment, fun. Thanks for listening, have a great weekend and 8 days till the FUNEMPLOYMENT RADIO NETWORK LISTENER PARTY!

Funemployment Radio Episode 700

Today: A camel tried to eat Sarah, Greg's face being eaten by his meth head neighbors is inevitable, Octomom has a new hatchery, ex-boyfriend living in your attic, Ron Artest wants to be a comedian (what?), and the hilarious and super nice Maz Jobrani in-studio to talk stand-up in different countries and the best story you will ever hear about meeting a king. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 699

Today: Sarah got to play with adorable dog last night and she is very excited about it, birthday rules and a Birthday Burger, Greg riding a Wooly Mammoth, Nathan Brannon, Idaho, bears, Cupid Shuffle, catching a fox, hot springs and strange water, OCD, terrible song about the Olympics, underwear trailer fight, and thanks for listening!

Cute dog that Sarah got to hold:

Funemployment Radio Episode 698

Today: Home ownership & leaking pipes, radio past, Anton from Sorel's, Today Show thinks the Kardashians trump everything, Jeff update and form letters, 96 pills in special parts, airplane indecent exposure, nine car washes and a happy surprise, stabbing stairs, and thanks for listening! Tomorrow in-studio - Nathan Brannon!

Funemployment Radio Episode 697

Today: Greg meets Kahlisishakalakakamaka Moon and Stars, the mythical 'Rian the Roommate' in-studio with us to talk bikini baristas, Miss Nepal and her favorite (hint: it's not Greg), Cougar bait, finding strange underwear, OSU won some game with a pointy ball, sticky unsuspecting sunbathers, Greg hoards cow eyeballs, and pole dancing for kids. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 696

Today: Sarah is old-timey and what is a projector, Scott Dally is famous, Greg's predictions, two people and a goose, Tute Trot, lopping, and thanks for listening! Have a great weekend, all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 695

Today: It's Willie Nelson Day!, interview with Chris Fairbanks (very funny dude) talking punk rock, injuries, head gear, comedy, Montana and more, Bolt to soccer, Texas A&M is stinky, Space Whiskey, Octomom is a flutist, chip-stabbing, and Asian Ghost Scam. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 694

Today: ...and now the meth heads have home-made bombs, Aaron Duran in-studio to talk Adventures at Casa Bonita, cliff-divers and monkeys with bermuda shorts on, Neverending Story, original Apollo from Battlestar Galactica on Geek In The City tonight, first TV crushes, naked in Seattle, in love with a Tute, woman arrested for playing AC/DC, and the biggest asshole of the day. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 693

Today: Why do strange men keep bringing Sarah soup? Greg and the Bus Prophet, Rob Thomas and a rocket in his neck, Kelly Clarke in-studio! Ladies be yapping and Greg is in misery, Melrose Place and Red Shoe Diaries, Clue is amazing, Ball Talk, Greg's advice for Handsome Ladies of 1889, and Cosmo's Tips for BDSM - holy shit. Thanks for listening!


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