Past Episodes: 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 692

Today: Sarah and her tale of being an idiot, David Bowie's balls, Greg falls in front of old people, curbs are not brakes, helmets in life, Greg makes his predictions (dear god), Bremerton represents, don't forget a 346-lb. man's garlic knots, fight over a port-a-potty, boob-grabs for charity, and pretty close to the worst penis story you will ever hear (Sarah is evil). Have a great safe Labor Day Weekend all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 691

Today: Sarah has no brakes on her bike, Greg is a dog whisperer and aspiring dog-singer, Walter where are you, Cougarlife, Cougarlife song and Greg's new cub profile, update on Kenny B and his love(?) life, Brendon Walsh in-studio, Listener party update, and have a great Thursday all, we're off to beat Geek in the City at cornhole!! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 690

Today: Happy Birthday to Thomas Gill, Tuggy & the ever-creepy Courtney Stodden, don't put it on me girl, Sarah puts Greg in a bad mood, tute-update, nobody loves TO, Kelly Clarkson and her Cowboy song, porn offers, expensive whale vomit, a man that has loving relationships with balloons, and Sharky reads Tuggy a birthday poem :) Thanks for listening all, show tomorrow live @ 2pm PST!

Funemployment Radio Episode 689

Today: Sarah got no sleep and had a crazy dream about John C. Reilly, Red Rider Club, Greg and his Niblerians, where to go after everything's gone, apocalypse proof, natural disasters and old diseases, Pee Wee, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Greg looks like Charles Manson, cult of blondes, Sasquatch found, 3 day penis ring, and "Sex-crazed Angelina Jolie lookalike forces taxi driver to have sex with her at knifepoint". Thanks for listening!

Crazy Angelina Jolie look-alike lady:

Funemployment Radio Episode 688

Today: Coast trip, racist old ladies, Gypsies and free crab, Don't meth with Oregon, more about Scott Foley than you'd ever care to know, Greg and his groper, Aliens on the moon, Neil Young Diamond Lance Armstrong, Tute-sleuthing, and get your shit together. Thanks for listening!

Sarah's new shirt:

Funemployment Radio Episode 687

Today: Tutes in our building! Holy shitballs! Also, update on Kenny B and his living situation with three generations of crazy women, Chelsea Peretti in-studio to talk Louie, stand-up and more, Lance Armstrong update, 50 shades of crazy, and have yourselves a rip-roarin weekend, folks!

Funemployment Radio Episode 686

Today: Tuting around Greg's house, what the heck is going on, dismantling a boat in two days, morning jogging and finding dead bodies, living in buses, GOING TO THE ZOO TODAY, Tim Tebow shirtless, face-kinis, TV on a bike, Gibbons are jungle divas, good old fashioned book-burning, and Chester reads quotes from a terrible book.  Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 685

Today: What Rick Emerson has been up to, we were on a boat, magical river castle, how long will Sarah stay a brunette?, way overpriced Lebron shoes, shirt ban, failed lady swimmer, Douchey marriage of the century, semen fights depression (what?), orgy goes horribly awry, and the saddest hotel package for the loneliest ladies in the world. Thanks for listening!

Lady Rick:

Funemployment Radio Episode 684

Today: Greg decided to set something on fire (almost) and flood something, Lottery commercial, the fantastical Aaron Duran and Metalachi, Meth head prostitutes and Greg's creepy driveway, ET in SE Portland?, is Greg's house indeed a Hellmouth?, Wolverine cutting, meth candy, son of Autobot, and Listener Party on September 22nd! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 683

Today: THANK YOU DRIVER!, Big-Ass Sandwiches and TV, Greg is the poster-child for not owning a home, rotten food water and rat poop, Adult Soapbox Derby, Gay & Lesbian, JEAH, fake website, who throws their shoe?, Octomon "Sexy Party" (oh dear god no), loud prostitute, microwave armpits, and drunk & partying with monkeys. PLUS, a great interview with Andrew Goffman regarding his one-man show, The Accidental Pervert! Thanks for listening! Tomorrow on the show - Aaron Duran!


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