Past Episodes: February 2013

Funemployment Radio Episode 808

Today: Sarah was on the Jumbotron last night and Greg does not like that, 'can I grab a couple of those?', accidental creepy Greg, going to space for 501 days, what the hell would you do in space, Space internet and Greg's concubines, AsheyG African Queen Witchcraft, Pepsi machine full of malt liquor, Sweet 'Sistine', and thanks for listening! Love, Space Pope and Sarahtron

Funemployment Radio Episode 807

Today: Sarah and the tale of her teeth whitening experience, The White Diet, Danica Patrick terrible song, Titanic II Electric Boogaloo, Pizza Hut Police, 911 cheeseburger, unfortunate bike accident, awake during eye surgery, Happy Birthday Aaron Duran, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 806

Today: Sarah might or might not have bought a sham of a tooth-whitening service that she's getting done today, oh dear god will she have teeth tomorrow, Titanic, Rodman in North Korea, burrito to the face, super sucker, accidental broadcast from a professor in class, Nicole and her deodorant-eating, and is it Taylor Swift or a Self-Help book? Thanks for your support, love you long time!

Funemployment Radio Episode 805

Today: There is a girl at the gym that hates Sarah, Aaron Duran in-studio, being seat-fillers for Gold Dust LIVE, Sugar Gold Daddy, 2 million in gold bars, Wizard World recap, stabbing over a bag of chips, fight in a Senior bingo game, Mr. John's Lingerie Store, Spanking landlord, and Greg's birthday rules updated. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 804

Today: Greg tries to give Sarah fashion pointers and it ends poorly, being sit-ins for a nationally-broadcast television show, Ron Jeremy, my pants shrunk, fire station vacation, naked donuts, chickenfeed, and more. Thanks for listening, have a great weekend all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 803

Today: Sarah is out and her shoes are being filled by Scott Dally! Talk of "man-ness", Kenny B, Mashed Potato licking, Lil Wayne "beef", amazing roommates and more! (Sarah is back tomorrow)

Funemployment Radio Episode 802

Today: Nobody likes a pop-in, Sarah is the weird neighbor, Sarah Wagener and her creepy creepy neighbor, Rick Emerson in-studio, acting try-outs and slashed tires, Average Dad, radio sales, and more. Thanks for listening! Also, please click on this link for information on Walter, our friend Rian's missing dog, thanks!

Funemployment Radio Episode 801

Today: Greg and his new favorite game Garbage Can Basketball, losing said basketball in the meth heads yard, is a basketball really worth it?, please help us find Walter, haunted mirror, smoking patches, win the lottery and blow up your house, a Valentine's Day tongue kiss, and the worst Manti Teo song ever - thanks for listening! Also, please click on this link for information on Walter, our friend Rian's missing dog. Thank you so much.

Funemployment Radio Episode 800

Today: Greg got meet a real-life PI and now has convinced himself that he'd be really good at that job (he wouldn't be), the famous Scott Dally in-studio, magazine subscriptions lead to jail time, Friday three-fer, stay away from Walmart, Kesha is disgusting, and who would you rather live with (it's never Tila Tequila)? Thanks for listening, have a great weekend everyone!

Funemployment Radio Episode 799

Today: Valentine's Day and the crap that comes along with it, Love Apples, Valentines... for your pets?, Kenny B, Tom Rhodes in-studio talking comedy, traveling, catering to different audiences in different countries, are the Brits really bad hecklers?, John Denver, and more. Thanks for listening, and have a great day everyone!


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