Past Episodes: September 2013

Funemployment Radio Episode 942


Today: Sarah and her day being an extra on Portlandia, she is very sweaty, Greg and Sarah and their day as 'keynote speakers' at KBOO's event, stage fright and collared shirts, bearded ladies, Aaron Duran, Seahawks break noise record, pantsless boat-crasher, an unnamed clown is terrorizing a UK town, and the Funemployment Radio Comedy Showcase is coming up on Wednesday, September 18th - get your tickets now!

Funemployment Radio Episode 941


Today: Sarah is going to be an extra for Portlandia and she is nervous, Portland twerking, Greg's predictions, Dr.Science answers your burning questions, and Comedian Todd Armstrong joins us to talk overcoming stage fright, Portland comedy & more - have a great weekend!


Funemployment Radio Episode 940


Today: Sarah and her weird cliff/bridge phobia and it's actual diagnosis, Kenny B and the curious case of his big news, Trivia jockey-ing and Bible ladies, who is holier - Greg or Sarah?, we are terrible people, and Brad Williams joins us to talk dwarfism, the Roloffs and their magical farm, having sex with a little person, and more - he's goddamn hilarious. Thanks for listening!

Brad Williams

Funemployment Radio Episode 939


Today: The tale of our interview with Andrew WK - it's a good one! Also: Comedian Randy Mendez joins us to talk about the Funemployment Radio Comedy Showcase that he'll be performing in (along with Sean Jordan, Barbara Holm & Todd Armstrong) one week from today - it's going to be so much fun, pick up your tickets in advance by clicking on this link. Party Hard!



This is what Andrew WK did during the entire interview

...and here he is afterward being awesome!

Funemployment Radio Episode 938

Today: Greg and technology do not mix, how do you get sand out of a camera, going to Mars, baptism brawl, poking and squishing rampage, Juggalo fight, Squatch Watch and more - thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 937

Today: Greg has started to Twitter in Russian, weekend at a nice beach house and a very crabby neighbor, Tarp City has a brand-new non-tarp backyard neighbor, and David Huntsberger joins us in-studio to talk finding money, Amanda Palmer, his show this weekend & more - have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 936

Today: Greg and Sarah are CORNHOLE CHAMPIONS! Also - don't eat stair food, Michael Brian is a sh*tapple, Mr. Pwn Toney (aka Kielen) himself joins us to talk of the joys of dating, why are women afraid to say no if they don't want to go on a date, football predictions, and Dr. Science is joined by Brother Science - have a great weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 935

Today: Sarah found an old boyfriend on the internets and found something surprising about him, Greg has mental issues attached to songs from the 90s, SHOWGIRLS 2!!, sleep texting, feminist version of 'Blurred Lines', and Chris Fairbanks joins us to talk unitards, skateboarding, Smoking Gun & more!

Be sure to stop by the Lost & Found and pick yourself up a "Funemployment" cocktail!

Funemployment Radio Episode 934

Today: A new addition to Tent City, Methican, Aaron Duran in-studio, what the heck are the terrifying sounds recorded from the sky?, shampooing on a bus, another toilet-hider-inner, hiding drugs & money in uncomfortable places, Bob Costas raps, and more - have a great day!

Greg's bald shirtless tent-building meth neighbor

Funemployment Radio Episode 933

Today: Greg made it back from Canadia, poutine and an angry Canadian, Announcement for our 2nd Funemployment Radio Comedy Showcase at The Secret Society on Wednesday September 18th, Tales of Bremerton, and Greg James, who plays the Captain in the viral video "Star Drunk" joins us to drink whiskey, talk behind the scenes, Gorgonzola and more! Have a great day all!

Painted guy inside of the Bremerton Tavern

Star Drunk!


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