Past Episodes: 2013

Funemployment Radio Episode 1002

Today: Greg and Sarah went dumpster diving and it was awesome, where to Treasure Hunt in Portland, West Hills and magical findings, screwdriver for breakfast, meat makes him happy, big black snake in a toilet, and Charlene joined us to talk Comedy for Breakfast, midnight excursions and more - thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1001

Today: Greg is reconsidering going to Mars, applicants for said Mars trip, nature wants to kill you, Rock Paper Scissors competition, rich in Beaverton, Walmart bathroom problem (again), McDonald's forgot hashbrowns and it's the end of the world, superglue on toilet seats, and more - thanks so much, have a great day!

Self-proclaimed "rich" Maria Meracle

Funemployment Radio Episode 1000


It's our 1000th Episode! Today: Tim Riley joined us for the first time in-studio and it was awesome! We talked about what he's been up to, working in radio, his new endeavor OFFICE BREAK GIFTS, and more! Also today: Greg gives his recap of last night's Back Fence PDX Storytelling Event, what it was like behind the scenes and more - it's a fun show. Thank you so much to you all for listening - we can't believe it's 1000 episodes!! Holy crap! We love you all!

Office Break Theater Gift Box!

Funemployment Radio Episode 999


Today: We have announced our Listener Party! Mark your calendars: It is going to be on Saturday, February 22nd 2014 at the Hawthorne Theatre, details to come!! It's Greg's big speech day! Prepping for said speech, Sarah saw something terrifying, Aaron Duran joins us to talk Krampus and more; also: Santacon re-cap, swords for tacos, Radio Shack attack, Tila Tequila speaks, and Tim Riley joins us in-studio tomorrow! Thanks for listening, stay warm out there!

Funemployment Radio Episode 998


Today: Judah Friedlander joined us in-studio to talk snow, Sasquatches, Beverly Hills 90210, hats & more! Also today: Greg got rear-ended on the snowy drive to work, The Santaland Diaries, Santacon happening tomorrow, Victoria's Secret and men, Marijuana makes moobs, predictions, Dr. Science tackles Santa facts and more - have a wonderful safe weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 997

Today: Greg is trying to start a fancy new life, going to a play and wearing a monocle, who wears a monocle?, Unicorns for sale, don't hide a meth pipe in there, dandelion growing in your ear, a special kind of knitting, Pilates for Dummies & more - have a great day! Tomorrow on the show: JUDAH FRIEDLANDER!

Also, here is the link to help Chris & Shauna Todd (and their family) get back on their feet after a fire demolished their home. Thanks so much! Email address for donations: [email protected]

Funemployment Radio Episode 996

Today: Greg is out of town so Sarah hosts the show along with Tuggy, Sarah Wagener & Tristan! Enjoy the merriment and have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 995

Today: Greg had to go get fingerprinted, do your childhood fingerprints still exist?, double-loop and what it means, Portland Art Museum, is Greg turning into a crazy cat man?, and Bri Huett & Nick Walker join us in-studio to talk Back Fence PDX, comedy, Funny Over Everything and more - thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 994

Today: We are back from Thanksgiving break with tales of Bremerton & Monmouth, Sarah and her expensive face lotion that she is having an allergic reaction to, new friend in Seattle, Seahawks trying to break world record, nose-biting between brothers, and a big shout-out to our newest holiday sponsor Office Break Gifts, created and owned by the one and only Mr. Tim Riley! Have a great Monday!

Sarah and her new friend

Funemployment Radio Episode 993

Today: Our last show of the week! Today: Thanksgiving traditions, Greg has conquered his juice addiction... or has he?, Sarah and Christmas, pointy ball predictions, Civil War, Sharky writes a poem about Thanksgiving, why does turkey make you sleepy and more! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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