Past Episodes: 2013

Funemployment Radio Episode 963

GUESTS: Charlene Conley/Stacey Hallal (ALL JANE NO DICK, Curious Comedy Theater)

Today: There's a new gang in the hood - are they possibly inspired by 90s band Eve 6? Also, wine for cats, pretending to work for the FBI so you can be a VIP, fancy restroom-themed restaurant opening, and Charlene Conley & Stacey Hallal join us to talk Portland comedy coverage, the All Jane No Dick Festival that starts tomorrow (pick up your tickets here!) and more - have a great day, thanks for listening!

Here's a fantastic article about the All Jane No Dick Comedy Festival

Here is a bad one.

Funemployment Radio Episode 962

Today: Sarah is back from working at Big-Ass Sandwiches, Greg's audition, new ringtone for a lost bet, no free ranch, jello thief, screaming woman on a plane, Chinese Food song, Christopher Perry (check out his portfolio here!) joined us in-studio & Sarah pays up on her bet. Have a great day!

This is pretty much the worst song, like, ever

Funemployment Radio Episode 961

Today: Sarah is out today, working at Big-Ass Sandwiches, but Mr. Aaron Duran fills in marvelously! Talk of bets being paid off, awkward Craig's List ads, Paranormal news and so much more! Plus the Network announcement that Chronicles Of The Nerds is now joining! Sarah is back tomorrow, thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 960

Today: Sarah has paid up on her bet, RIP Thick Ass Judy, working at Big Ass Sandwiches this weekend, Greg will burn himself, football predictions, sardine and a ringtone, WSU vs. OSU, poopetrator, in love with a car named Vanilla, SQUATCH WATCH, Dr. Science & more - have a great weekend!

Go Cougs! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 959

Today: Sarah and her birthday night recap, Twitter and Thick Ass Judy, a lost bet, Comedian Alex Koll joined us to talk elevators and wizards, and more - it's being called one of the best shows ever, hope you enjoy!

Funemployment Radio Episode 958

Today: It's Sarah's birthday, Tuggy is here and brought Sinfire and beers, Greg cleaned Sarah's floors, Sarah has a new friend that is a tiny dinosaur, October horoscope and famous birthdays, and Amai and Leah, proprietor's of our fine sponsor Lost & Found are in to talk drinks, merriment, and Sarah's birthday drink thing tonight @ Lost & Found, hope to see you there! Thanks for listening!

Sarah's new dinosaur friend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 957

Today: It's Sarah's last day as a 32-year-old and she is trying to be a grown-up, clean dishes and sorting through 10 years of stuff, the new gang in the hood and what the heck does TCP stand for, possible new names for the Arena Football Team, edible bugs, faking kidnapping for wife, Peggy Hill in a creek, Greg learns slang to be street tough and more - have a great day!

Holy crap, Sarah did her dishes

Funemployment Radio Episode 956

GUEST: AARON DURAN (Geek in the City)

Today: Sarah's birthday week has begun much to the irritation of Greg, Aaron Duran joins us to talk clean kitchens, hauntings, Review of the movie Gravity and more; also: drugs make a man God, always wear your pants at a drive-thru, Bigfoot sighting a hoax (SHOCKING), pay $2000 to pretend to be homeless and more - have a great Monday!

Pantless man at McDonald's mugshot goodness

Funemployment Radio Episode 955

GUEST: LISA WOOD - Owner of Big-Ass Sandwiches/Host of 'Play Anything with Lisa Wood'

Today: Greg and Sarah and Lisa Wood went on a downtown adventure, road sodas and wine in Slurpee cups, LANGUAGE!, Fiona Apple incident, National Taco Day, a trip to the eye doctor goes poorly, a woman drinks something to keep her youthful, and Dr. Science helps you unlearn... have a great weekend!

Lisa Wood & Sarah Dylan post-art party/pre-bus scolding

Funemployment Radio Episode 954


Today: The fantastic Greg Behrendt joined us in-studio to talk music, trying to sneak into a rave, Oprah, & more - Also today: Sarah went on a cleaning frenzy (not her kitchen), taking apart a washing machine, Greg needs help, going to an art show and not knowing what to wear, Squatch Watch, Conor P. Fudge arrested, disturbing Dinosaur erotica and more - have a great day!

Two Greg's & a Sarah!


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