Past Episodes: 2013

Funemployment Radio Episode 953


Today: Greg says things and they happen to come true, Eunice is back and now she is moving things, Sarah should never talk to her neighbors because she sounds like a crazy person, Weird Al is making a new album and Sarah's childhood humiliation, and our buddy Charlene - Executive Producer of the 'All Jane, No Dick' Comedy Festival joins us to talk women in comedy, Juggalo love, accidentally offending clowns & more - have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 952

Today: Sarah and her crazy dream involving waterslides, P-Diddy and murder, Tarp City is crumbling, Greg is trying to love Fall but it's not loving him back, sports conspiracy theory, Justin Bieber is a Michael Brian, how to live to 111, don't fornicate on train tracks, the Pacu is back and closer than ever and more - thanks for listening!

The pacu caught in Washington State... ugh

Funemployment Radio Episode 951

Today: The storm that almost was, Greg and his meth head battle in the rain, Sarah and her super creepy apartment complex, Aaron Duran in-studio talking Dybbuk boxes, horror movies, Greg hates Drag Me To Hell, Runaway Lane never going back, art show this Thursday & more - have a great Monday!

Photo of the 'Dybbuk Box' that The Possession was based on

Funemployment Radio Episode 950

Today: Wedding recap, cabbie pit-stop, Sarah has the most epic night of karaoke in her life, seeing old friends, Greg those are not samples, cookie monster, football predictions, OJ Simpson and Greg have something in common, Nursing home wheelchair battle, the Seattle Juggalo is back, Dr. Science answers your burning questions and more - have a great weekend!

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Funemployment Radio Episode 949

Today: Greg and Sarah had a photoshoot and they both kind of clean up good, going to a Wedding, how to dress, Port St. Lucie flasher, musical psychic, attack oompa loompas, is Greg the Digital Trends mystery man?, clearest form of English and more - have a great day!

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Funemployment Radio Episode 948

Today: Greg is an animal singer and wants to profit from it, Sarah has found a random thing that she thinks will make her look younger (it won't), Miley Cyrus and the 23 song oh dear god make it stop, inspirational flag football, pool float lovin' guy is back, a bear walks into a bar, the pacu is back, and more - have a great day!

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Funemployment Radio Episode 947

Today: ...and we're back in the game! Sarah has decided on a new theme for her winter wardrobe, Greg thinks that he's the king of fashion because it's been his look for years, save a pizza break your arm, have mercy for the children, from toddler to DJ, when you wash your hands you make them dirtier (says a study), and more - have a great evening!

Sarah & what is apparently her 90s winter look

Funemployment Radio Episode 946

Today: Greg is back from Ricketfest and is covered in bug bits, Sarah is really disturbed by this, Emmy Awards last night, Miley Cyrus and little people, creepy song predicts husbands fate, don't ever ever take too much viagra, Metallica actually does something cool, and more - have a great Monday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 945


Today: We were joined by the hilarious Heather McDonald talking glamping, sororities, memoirs and more - also today: Greg is excited to go camping, is he really going glamping?, Girl Scout conspiracy, pretending to be a cop to cut in line, Greg's predictions, Dr. Science and more - have a great weekend everyone, and thanks again for coming out to our Comedy Showcase, you guys are the best!

Heather McDonald

Funemployment Radio Episode Thank you so much for coming to the Comedy Showcase!

Today: Our damn technology has failed us! Today we did a show and it was awesome, and then the outlet we use to double-record our episodes decided to crap out and delete EV-rah-thing. That being said, our show disappeared. However, we did record a brief thank you & a couple of birthday wishes today for you to download, and we'll be back tomorrow with a brand new show! Thank you so much to everyone for coming out to our Comedy Showcase last night, it was a huge success - love you all long time! I wish our recorder was alive so I could murder it.


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