Past Episodes: April 2014

Funemployment Radio Episode 1086

Today: Jets, Funemployment Radio Cyber Mall, new wrestler-themed Cornhole names, purse trick, don’t urinate on the Alamo, Sarah’s heart is broken because her favorite New Kid is getting married, stealing wine in Florida, and the wonderful Matt & Jesse from The Secret Society joined us to talk Karaoke from hell, fancy drink-making, Neil Diamond and more – they have a ton of events coming up (find out more by clicking here!), and they will also be hosting our third FUNEMPLOYMENT RADIO COMEDY SHOWCASE! Stay tuned for details on that, but in the meantime check out all of the other awesome events going on there – thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1085

Today: Oh dear god not a motorized Unicycle, Riding the bus with Greg, “you’re the MAN!”, Google spoiler-blocker, wet man tries to open plane door, would you like a chicken corsage?, Unicef – India introduces a campaign to fight a problem, and Michael Durrow (aka Micro) joins us to talk karaoke, campaigning for City Council, haunted houses, and more – thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1084

Today: Greg and the tale of his yardwork, a hedge-trimmer is not a sword, ways to deal with meth heads, Aaron Duran in-studio, Sarah and the block of cheese, hoarding ladders, what food can you not live without, and more – have a great Monday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1083

Today: Greg mistakenly posted something on Facebook that caused quite a stir, only to have that topped by deleting said post, Sarah is a screen-shot hoarder, Hot Dog girl, toe sucker sentenced, Khaleesi baby name, Canadian Doctors, John Lennon DNA for clone, Dr. Science explains milkshakes and more – have a great weekend everyone!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1082

Today: Sarah logged into her MySpace account after many many years and is now determined to lose weight, what is a Glycemic Index, two hearts beat as one, stolen ideas and Neil Diamond, Squatch Watch that is most likely a bear, bet paid off, Colbert new Letterman, 32nd flavor for Baskin Robbins, Athiest thinks roommate is Jesus, and Greg Rooney talks about bothersome things – thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1081

Today: Greg is old-timey and calls record players phonographs, the tale of the cat card and shirtless gardening, Scott Dally hangs out with us for the first time in awhile! Also: the meth heads are no longer dormant, RIP Ultimate Warrior, dressing up for Halloween, Scary Sherry, Four Blood Moons & the Apocalypse, Squarespace and more - thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1080

Today: Sarah accidentally ate a VERY expired salad, Tournament of Champions final scores, Greg lost, NCAA is not the NAACP, free ice cream day, Florida with trees, Human Ken vs. Human Barbie, don't complain to cops about your drugs, don't put a jump rope in there, mystery man in Prospect Park, Squatchwatch x 3 and more - thanks for listening, and Happy Rex Manning Day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1079

Today: Re-cap of the weekend, going shopping for fancy clothes for Greg, Forever 21, fancy party and rubbing elbows with classy folks, how much should you tip?, old ladies love to cut Greg, Nerdy Bandit, squirrel-cooking, PETA wants to buy Dahmer's house, hologram Amy Winehouse, Mountain Monsters, TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS & more - have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1078: CHRISTOPHER TITUS

GUEST: CHRISTOPHER TITUS Today: Sarah was on last night's episode of Portlandia, Christopher Titus joins us in-studio to talk about his return to Portland, cottage cheese, podcasting, new one-man show, peanut allergies and more! Also today: Greg and Sarah are going to a fancy dinner tomorrow, how to pretend to be rich, fake nails and top hats, Gold tycoons & Madames, and more! Have a great weekend all! TITUS Sweaty Sarah on Portlandia! The Bike Gallery's Sale is going on now through this weekend! Also, if you want to order online enter in the code FUN14 for a discount on your purchases!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1077: MAHK THE BRIT

Today: Greg is the biggest Donkey Basketball fan you'll ever meet, 'step on it leadfoot I'm dying to meet you', living in the country/coast, Mahk the Brit joins us to drink fancy champagne, also: World Cup prediction, bacon not for sale, Port St. Lucie woman, hide-and-seek with a Rolex, hyena food, don't throw squirrels at cars, Mahk goes American and more - have a great day! The Bike Gallery's Sale is going on now through this weekend! Also, if you want to order online enter in the code FUN14 for a discount on your purchases!


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