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Guys & Balls started from our bar conversations.  They usually started about sports, but after several beers were consumed, we delved into pretty much anything else.  We always thought that those conversations would make a great podcast, so here we are.

But why a podcast you ask?  Well we’re fans of sports and we’re tired of listening or watching people who don’t seem to be fans.  Fan is short for “fanatic” and that is what we are.  We love sports and it takes in a big part of our lives and we LOVE to talk (see argue) about it.

Guys & Balls is based in Portland, Or, so our conversations include Blazers, Beavers, Ducks, Pac-12, and the Timbers.  But that’s not all We’ve known each other for at least 10 years, some more than 20 years.  We talk Beavers, Blazers, and Timbers, but dive into to national and other sports worldwide.

Ian, Rylan, Willie, Dale and Justin are now Guys & Balls.  Put our podcast in your earhole!!!

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