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So you've decided to be awesome, and for that we thank you! 

Subscribing to the Funemployment Radio Network is easy; all that you need to do is click the button below; you can use PayPal or the credit card of your choice. (You'll have a free, one-week trial period, during which you can cancel at any time.)

After you finish subscribing the exciting part comes: now you'll get to listen live while chatting away with us (and others) during all of the shows live, while it is streaming!  You will also be able to listen live to all of the other shows on the Funemployment Radio Network, including (but not limited to) Funemployment Radio, Geek in the City, Rip City Bad Boys, The Well-Adjusted Gamer, Guys and Balls, Portland At The Movies, The Mark and Toddcast, classic episodes of The Nibler Show and more!

You'll also receive access to our exclusive archives, full of audio, pictures, video, past chat sessions and much more.

Thank you so much, we look forward to entertaining you and we are grateful for your support!  You have chosen.... wisely. 

-Greg and Sarah

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This just in!  Looking for the perfect gift of the holidays?  Why, the gift of the Funemployment Radio Network is the perfect fit for anyone!  For the always-low-low price of $6.99/month, or a discounted $80 for an entire year, surprise your loved one with the gift of hilarity, along with access to the 24-hour live streaming network, our archives full of amazingness and so much more!  Remember that the best gift is the gift of laughter!.....and also whiskey.  

But mostly laughter!

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