Funemployment Radio Episode 1605: GREG BURGER

Today: We are back and have missed you much! We had our Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament recap (again big thanks to Reverend Nat's & BTU Brasserie - it was such an amazing time & check out pictures here!), and talked about Sarah's shirt, the shooting gallery (thanks Jason!), the match between Greg & Sarah (grr), and more; also today - cheeto update, Crystal Pepsi, Mr. Burger, What if Dog was one of us, bye Lebron, don't go to the Olympics, and have a wonderful afternoon!

Funemployment Radio Episode UGH.

Hey friends! So Greg was out on a fancy commercial shoot today so I (Sarah) tried to do the show - since I am technically challenged I was unable to get the live stream to work so therefore we did not have a show - blah. I'm so sorry, I tried for an hour to get it to work only to have the machine laugh back in my face. That being said - no show today, but super duper extra fun time show tomorrow! Thanks for your (hopeful) understanding, and have a great afternoon.

Funemployment Radio Episode 1604: BREWER'S CUP

Today: Sarah has to pay off her bet this weekend and she's really not looking forward to it, Greg and his new career choices, Comedian Rod Man joined us in-studio, don't brag about crimes on social media, guitar amp shoes, don't walk on hot coals, and more - have a great weekend all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1603: CHICKEN MANICURE

Today: Greg got himself a fancy acting gig and now he needs the fancy nails to prove it, always make sure that you buy the website, chicken charger, crack cast, get a free hot dog and Frank Dylan, Irish are awesome, and have a great day all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1602: GRIZZLY NUNCHUCK

Today: Greg has finally met the person that he wants to be, why are all bears named Ben?, Sarah and the foreign affair, Nathan Brannon joined us in-studio to talk about his show tomorrow (get tickets here!), moving to LA, the color purple (no literally, just the color), and more! Also today - cameras are watching you shame-shop, Cheeto Museum, cheetos mac, and most embarrassing dad ever - have a great day!

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