Funemployment Radio Episode 1437: AUNTIE SARAH

Today: Is it going to be a boy or a girl? Sarah is waiting with bated breath! How to deal with children as instructed by people that have no children, dirt clods and fire starters, October 7th is the new Doomsday apparently, Pepsi from Back to the Future II an expensive reality, walking meth lab, skin art, Treasure in a porta-potty, Astros theme song and predictions, and have a great afternoon!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1436: BLESS YOU

Today: Greg has a conundrum and is not sure what to do about it, what is the proper ettiquette for sneezing?, what to say and what not to say, Halloween costume ideas, no one will know who Sarah is, our wonderful new sponsor D. Leonidas Photography and the Costume contest (you can enter here!). Also today - no pilot, Princess Leia gold bikini auction, maxi pad bandit, Greg's predictions, and happy birthday to Lisa - have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 1435: DAVID KOECHNER

Today: Greg is pretty bonkers and wants to be a Reverend, Niberism and juice box snack time, David Koechner joined us to talk movies, Portland, Krampus, and more - great guy! Also today - there is now an app that lets you rate OTHER HUMANS, Patty saw the Pigman, rib fight, robot voice, predictions, and more - have a great weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode - NO SHOW TODAY, FRIENDS

Hello dear friends – today we are going to not do a show in lieu of what is happening right now in Roseburg, Oregon. Our daily mission is to distract people with humor and our craziness, but today – today is just sad and awful and we want to pay respect with our silence to mourn those lost and wait until the full story is told. Each and every one of you are so important; important to so many people and important to us. We are grateful to have each of you in our lives. Please stay safe out there. We love you.

Funemployment Radio Episode 1434: BARRY NIBLER-DINGER

Today: Sarah is super nervous about her magazine cover coming out, is it actually going to happen?, Facebook went down and people actually called 911 about it, Greg and his Facebook stalking, and Gabe Dinger joined us to talk about funny last names, conspiracy theories, Art Bell and radio, sasquatch, ghosts and haunted houses, accidental Hitler moustaches, and his show that is happening next Wednesday!

"Somebody looks like they need a hug!" - Gabe Dinger

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