Past Episodes: 2010

Funemployment Radio Episode 275

Today's show: Sarah doesn't have a computer (still), thank you to the listeners, Jem, TMNT, no Everclear, peanut window, Sarah's shit party, beer thief, karaoke, Cassidy's, Cody Austin, awesome gifts, bumper stickers, Nibler show, Ball Talk, Blazers, Memphis, Shaq is an ass, Ohio State, Michael Vick, Happy birthday to Sarah's dad!, World of Crazy, woman fakes kidnapping, stripper underwear burning, Florida masturbator, penis amputation, and nerd facts. Thanks for listening, happy New Year all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 274

Today's show: Is Sarah crazy?, No Music, Throwing Bodies Out The Window, Butters Concerns, Last Night, Tequila, DotCom Dan, Radio,, A Competition, Greg And Sarah Fail music competition, Three Goggles, and more, all with our special guest, Dan Harbison of the Portland Trail Blazers! WOOOH! Thanks so much for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 273

Today’s show: California in Oregon, car crash, rainboots and puddle-stomping, Portlandia, how long is too long to believe in Santa?, Yay, Sarah!, World of Crazy, Pauly’s World, Woman comes back to life, being fat gets you out of PE, woman consumes 30,000 calories in one meal, and eyeball biting. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 272

Today’s show: Holiday re-cap, Bremerton, video games, new phone, Kenny is the king of his birthday, brother Jeff and sister Heather, ridiculous church brochures, Aaron Duran, new comic book!, Christmas presents, Comic release, Ball Talk, Lebron party, Artest ring, lasers in the eyes, Ohio State tattoos, and baller alert dot com. Also, Sarah smells like sugar cookies. Thanks for listening, back tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 271

Today’s show: X-mas craziness! Hooker high/low, moving pressure, creepy dude in towel, present exchange, Kenny Heather and Kelsey, Timber Joey (, Salvation Army, 45 foot billboard, Twas the night before Christmas with Mrs. Claus and Chester Huntington III, Kenny and his horrible Vegas story, and an alcohol-filled pink guitar. Have a great holiday friends, and we’ll talk to you next week! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Funemployment Radio Episode 270

Today’s show: noisy children at coffee shop, on airplanes, roofer, classy Vegas, date with a stripper, dancing at Ghost Bar, grossest buffet story EVER, forgetting key card, World of Crazy, 14-year-old parents, whizzinator, the Bear Scratch Band, happy birthdays, and chat about a Portland icon. Thanks for listening, special guests in-studio tomorrow, talk to you then!

Funemployment Radio Episode 269

Today’s show: Sarah’s back from Vegas – at least the shell of her is!, turbulent flight, karaoke, gambling, dollar beers, Treasure Island, new friends, bad view, drinking out of a pink guitar, stories of debauchery, Ball Talk, Blazers are doing awesome, snowball injury, horrible song, TSA scanner pictures (oh dear god), mustaches, and weekend recap. Thanks for listening friends, talk to ya tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 268

Today’s show: Sarah is in Vegas, so joining us in this special episode is our good friend Bill Oakley, former Head Writer and Executive Producer of The Simpsons! Bill discovered some......interesting photos of Sarah online, we receive a Twitter scolding, a few anecdotes, some behind the scenes info on Television and we drink some beer! It's awesome and so is Bill!

Funemployment Radio Episode 267

Today’s show: Viva las Vegas!, have you heard?, karaoke, Nibler – king of the little people, getting ready montage, Curb your enthusiasm, awkward boners, Bill Oakley tease, Media bowling league, beer pong, jets confirmation, World of Crazy, Dexter leaves his sister for his girlfriend, NKOTBSB, porn and pastors, begging for it, nipples falling on the ground, and how do you play stripper, prostitute, or drunken slut? Love you long time, tomorrow a new episode featuring Bill Oakley!

Funemployment Radio Episode 266

Today’s show: Sarah’s burned face, crazy tanning people, tornado warning, meth head neighbors and firetrucks, bible-listening-to neighbor, Las Vegas, small balls, Seattle Hornets?, Brooklyn New Yorkers, dead eyes, WoC, naked mailman, Double Rainbow, and Four Loko made me steal. Back tomorrow!


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