Funemployment Radio Episode 3127: GATHERING OF THE GREGGALOS

Today: The conclusion of the harrowing tale of Sarah and the lockbox, diamond cutters and looking suspicious, Kyle Texas had a sad weekend, and more - have a great day friends! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 3126: CAR FIGHT

Today: Greg saw something really weird on his way to work, what would you do if you saw it, getting off a lockbox and using a diamond saw, and more - have a great day friends! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 3125: MAKING BEACH

Today: Sarah is back and we chat all about tales from San Diego, making beaches and bar fights, accidentally bringing a weapon to the airport, time does not exist, and much more - so happy to be back. Have a great day friends!! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3124: ALL ABOUT SARAH

We're back!  Kind of.....Sarah is out working, but we are both back from San Diego and despite a guest not showing up, Greg was here to talk from 'The Basement'. We discuss (unfortunately) rats, hotels, sleeveless shirts and Sarah almost committing a crime. We'll (Greg) be back tomorrow as well!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3123: EMPTY FOR THREE MONTHS

Today: We are heading to California tomorrow! Going to San Diego, sharks and sting rays, leg lures and hotels, and the creepiest overheard conversation that Greg listened to at the Plaid - have a great afternoon friends!

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