Past Episodes: 2023

Funemployment Radio Episode 3063: HASHTAG BOSSBABE

Today: Portland is a little gray and sad today so let's have fun, secrets in your pockets and Jurassic Park lizard people, young mensa and voting for yourself, a nerd nerds, and have a great day friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3062: BAH HUMBUG

Today: Greg has the opposite of the Christmas spirit, making a Lifetime movie in a small town, tree farms and decorations, and the stressful Sarah day that turned around because of a kind stranger, who is not a stranger anymore because Sarah looks people up on the internet and finds out everything about them. Have a great day friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3061: BURLESQUE

Today: We went to a fancy Star Wars burlesque show and it was awesome, giant Jabba the Hut and talented performers, and this is a bit of a short show but back tomorrow with a full-length one! Have a great day all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3060: EVERYBODY COUNTS OR NOBODY COUNTS

Today: Greg and Sarah and the great parking fiasco, students blocking the driveway and what to do, Titanic collection and airing of grievances, buy yourself an island, and save the date - December 16th at the Landmark Saloon!!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3059: HUMANOID BEARS

Today: Sarah found an old tv show she loved, weird descriptions of things, country Thanksgiving and wild turkeys, going to Eugene and being in the student section, small talk and college bars, and have a great day friends!! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3058: BREMERTON ADVENTURE

Today: We are back from Thanksgiving break - we hope you had a great holiday! Sarah went out on the town, the random lady and her pies, going to an arcade and Taco Time update, and more tomorrow on Greg's trip to Eugene - have a great day all! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3057: BREMELO BOUND

Today: Sarah is heading to Bremerton and will not be wearing pajamas in public, Greg is going for a country Thanksgiving and then to a game, wearing a paddle and facepaint, and have an excellent week dear friends - we will talk to you next Monday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3056: 'ELLO!

Today: Greg and Sarah got to go to a fancy dinner with their awesome friends, going to Greg's company holiday party and the most awkward accent, and more - we'll be back tomorrow with one more show this week, have a great night!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3055: KIWI

Today: Flight of the Conchords was an amazing show, New Zealand facts and 10 sheep to a person, World of Records and pole vaulting, pet names and Pac 2 updates, and more - have a great day friends! Oh, and here is a picture of the balancing bird bottle opener Sarah was (poorly) trying to describe - get yours at PDX Asylum! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 3054: CHRISTMAS IN THE NORTHWEST

Today: Morning show Christmas shenanigans, how to combat the depressingness outside, light boxes and Hallmark Movies, jenga inspiration and plotlines, is a wolf a coyote, and more compelling content - it's a fun one :) Have a great day!


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