Past Episodes: 2022

Funemployment Radio Episode 2844: ANNIVERSARY DJ

Today: We were joined by our friend Todd Glass who will be at Helium Comedy Club tonight & this weekend - get your tickets here! Also today - Sarah is taking the train to Bremerton tomorrow for her parent's 50th (!!) wedding anniversary, Greg is going to DJ and boy howdy that might have been a mistake, and have an amazing weekend all - we love ya! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 2842: NOT ANYMORE

Today: Sarah and the aggressive advertisements on older folks stations, what happened to Bob and his marathons, human cat food and snakes in popcorn, be a candy taster and the worlds largest mac and cheese, and have a fabulous day friends! ❤️

Funemployment Radio Episode 2841: KARAOKE KAPER 2

Today: We went on an adventure this past weekend and it was fun, meeting a friend at Taco Bell and staying on a cliff property, going to Castle Rock and having breakfast at Stuffys, coyote packs and camping, and have a great day all! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 2840: TINY TOWN

Today: It's a mini show today, Greg and Sarah are heading up to Washington to go camping, burrowing snakes and cliffsides, small town folks and Portland, and have an amazing weekend friends - we love you!

Funemployment Radio Episode 2839: SPEAKIN IT EASY

**** Apologies to those who have experienced issues on playing/downloading some of the shows from our site. Our distributor is looking into what is happening currently, but thank you to everyone who has notified us if issues. We GREATLY appreciate you letting us know and please continue to do so! We're going to leave this one 'broken' for the time being, so that they can troubleshoot what's happening. In the meantime, we'll get another download link to this one, so that you can still listen to it. Expect that to be up, this evening. Thanks!****


Today: We were lucky enough to get invited to a tiki speakeasy last night, super awesome and now Greg wants to have one, Greg realized that he already has one, BTS and bear doorbells, and have a great afternoon all! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 2837: CATCH OF THE CRUISE

Today: Sarah is making her first venture back to Tropical Summer, has it changed at all these past few years, stories from other times and ankle monitors and football, smashing coconuts and beer ponies, going on a cruise and Super Mario, and have a great day! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 2835: JUST DO IT, SUGAR

Today: A movie is being filmed at Sarah's apartment building and what is happening, weird old lady in the hallway and strange accents, going camping this weekend and Deliverance, and have a great afternoon friends! :)


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