Past Episodes: 2024

Funemployment Radio Episode 3083: FASHION FLAPPER

Today: What in the world did Greg do to make the guy at the store act like that, Bowie and being the best looking buddy, milk rivers and oldest woman, time traveling and the 'big game', and have a great day friends! Tomorrow: Rick Emerson!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3082: NOT THE GOOD WIFE

Today: Sarah went to the courthouse yesterday, it's nothing like on television, do you have a piece of fruit that you've been keeping?, Taylor Drift the snow plow, and tomorrow is going to be an exciting day in Bowie Land! :) Have a great day friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3081: SMOOTH OPERATOR

Today: Sarah is going in for training, people dressing like bears, swearing parrots and all animals all the time, pig cafes, and more - have a great day friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3080: TRACK SUIT LIFESTYLE

Today: Greg has decided to make a change in his wardrobe, what is the difference between a tracksuit and a sweatsuit, naming the snow plow and Taylor Swift is everywhere, Bowlo de Super and more - have a great day all! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3079: NEW JOB

Today: Sarah got a new job at OPB and she is really very excited about it, what it entails and how to be a grown up, being super awkward and shower day, and more - have a great day all, talk to you on Monday! :)

Funemployment Radio Episode 3078: NEW DAY

Today: Sarah is starting a new job today and is nervous, how to act in an office space, don't drink too much coffee, to shower or not to shower, and more - have a great day friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3077: SNOWPOCALYPSE NIBLER

Today: Greg insists that he names something but is it really from Poulsbo, fastest cup of coffee and what is the deal with Stanley, hippo candle and yogurt detox, and have a wonderful day friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3076: ICE STORM 2024

Today: After a long hiatus we are back, we've missed you! Greg tells the tale of his trek to Beaverton and his memorable night at the hotel, ice-skating in parking lots, and more - we hope you all are safe and happy! Talk with you tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 3075: GORGEOUS GIANT

Today: Greg went into work super duper early today and helped run the morning show, going swimming in a Bass Pro Shop, hire a special guest for your Bowlo de Super party, 2024 predictions and more - have a wonderful day beautiful friends! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 3074: THUNDERPLUMP

Today: The impending snowpocalypse is coming and everyone is starting to freak out, Guinness Record for a strange thing, these pumpkins do not look like pumpkins, and words from the past that are coming back to life - have a great day friends!


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