Past Episodes: November 2010

Funemployment Radio Episode 255

Today’s show: Greg went to the dentist, whiskey at the Woods, black Friday shopping, Christmas decorations, Santacon, house cleaning, Ball Talk, Blazers play tonight, inappropriate laughing, small balls, world of crazy, all drinking and smoking stories, free Willie, hangover helpers, alcoholic whipped cream, and purchase one of Greg’s packages, if you please!

Jen Lane from Barfly Magazine on tomorrow – enjoy your rainy day, folks!

Funemployment Radio Episode 254

Today’s show: Thanksgiving re-cap, Independence, Bremerton awesomeness, Nate’s hot tub, your legs are attached to your feet, house cleaning, Beavers and Cougars, ants in the keyboard, boobs, hand cutting, Aaron Duran, Ball Talk, Blazer news, predictions, Aaron’s comic, Cee Lo and the most amazing song ever, Kells Bells, and magical unicorns.

Thanks for listening, back tomorrow! Adios our lovely lady lumps! xo

Funemployment Radio Episode 253

Today’s show: fancy lesbian date, super awesome hotel and dinner, E.T., many cocktails, Portland tourist, leaving for Thanksgiving, forum comments, dickflash, flashers, fancy as fuck, Ball Talk, Blazers, baseball boogie bunch, predictions, World of crazy, sword murder, give me my breast implants back, plumbers love cloggy holidays, stripper stabbing, metal underwear, honest man and Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe, have fun!

Here's a link to our photo in this month's edition of Portland Monthly!

Funemployment Radio Episode 252

Today’s show: movies, Stigmata, missing gloves, the Descent 2, fancy pants night, what to wear, fancy hotel room, Monica from Brooklyn, Ball Talk, no more NBA?, Ben gets punched in the face, horribly awesome Missouri rap song, World of crazy, Wesley Snipes in jail, sleeping with a corpse, coffins, and clowns and a toilet.

Thanks for listening, back tomorrow with our last show for the week!

Funemployment Radio Episode 251

Today’s show: weekend re-cap, pink goat, Beaverton bars, shows, Monk, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Aaron Duran, Harry Potter wand fight, what house are you in?, comics, beer, ass to mouth, butts and hair (yes, really), Buffalo Bill, Why so serious?, Human Centipede, butter beer, Walking Dead, mini balls, and put the fucking lotion in the basket. Talk to you tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 250

Today show: Greg hit himself in the eye with prongs, snowpocalypse, Greg and the plumber, winners for Hal Sparks tickets, we have finally discovered Twitter, Kelly Clarke is awesome, washing your hair with dead babies, a stud goat named Filipe and cocker spaniels, Arrested development, big boobs and koala hands, ball jar, Clue, Ball Talk, Greg Oden, hot Rudy, Asian games, nfl and porn, ARMY mother, Greg and Sarah read science facts, Thanksgiving plans, and black Friday.

Have a great weekend, back on Monday with Aaron Duran! We love you long time!

Funemployment Radio Episode 249

Today’s show: Hal Sparks in-studio! The interview is gold, check it out @ Also, Kenny B’s nerd facts, Greg’s basement is flooding, and Sarah’s wild night.

Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 248

Today’s show: Sarah is an insane person, annoying kid at the coffee shop, cornhole, dream, we are both crazy, Ball Talk, Tony Parker is French, Blazers win, faking injuries, videotaping in the shower, World of Crazy, freaky publicist assassination, tamale assault, mini horse and cowboy bob, topless masturbating woman with a gun, and a guy shoots his TV because of Bristol Palin.

Thanks for listening, back tomorrow with (hopefully) a special guest!

injury faker:

Funemployment Radio Episode 247

Today’s show: 90s music, Third Eye Blind vs. Smashmouth (really), painting, Butters and dog park, invisible jets, Kesha is a douche, Ball Talk, divorces, Quidditch, accidental Nazi picture,, World of Crazy, crack in shoes, bed bugs, peeing on a car, ring-swallowing, Walmart scooter strip club getaway, and podcast awards.

We love you long time! We're off to play cornhole.

Funemployment Radio Episode 246

Today’s show: the Cougars won! Sarah won the bet! Greg is decked out in WSU gear! Also, Aaron Duran, Lifetime movie and see-through shirt, college football Saturday, Punk show, Aaron Duran, comic book coming out, Ball Talk, predictions, NFL, 90th percentile, World of crazy, Jeremy London, Westboro flat tires, buckets of urine, naked in the library, neck tattoos, and a terribly awkward video about menstruation.

Thanks for listening, talk to you tomorrow!


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