Past Episodes: 2010

Funemployment Radio Episode 265

Today’s show: Greg pulled his neck, walking in on people in the bathroom, Wii bowling injury, torn pant leg, shirt complimenting creepy, armpit shoulderpads, botox, Ball Talk, Blazers lose, Farve football, Big 10, Texas job, - vote now!, World of crazy, polite lotto winner, slick baby girl, Wendy’s beating, are those mice in my potato chips?, and running naked through a cemetery.

Thanks for listening, and be sure to order a t-shirt, coozie, or the package special soon if you want it for a loved one in time for Christmas! Word.

Funemployment Radio Episode 264

Today’s show: Medford vacation – it was glorious!, Wii bowling, wine-tasting, long drive, meeting, snobby coffee shop, Southern Oregon, Hari Kondabolu, new apartment!, Jesus statues in the backyard, Sarah and her dirty shirt, Ball Talk, collapsed roof, Iowa tripping, Blazers update,, and Courage reunion!

Thanks for listening friends, back tomorrow!


Sarah's new backyard friends:

Funemployment Radio Episode 263

Today’s show: is the stove on?, apartment hunting, tweet vs. twitters, Amy Schumer in-studio (she’s rad!), Andrew WK, 30 Rock, Curb your Enthusiasm, hecklers, acting vs. comedy, Mark Hoppus, stand-up, Helium Comedy Club, Rick Emerson, ants in the keyboard, quarters in Kenny B’s nose, getting arrested, meth, Rick and Sarah’s poker dvd (oh dear lord), modeling, Ritchie’s member, facebook, Kenny’s nerd facts, and Rick talks sports. For really reals.

Have a fantastic weekend, all!

Kenny B with $2.50 worth of quarters in his gigantic nostrils:

Funemployment Radio Episode 262

Today’s show: Is Sarah sick?, rumplemints bad, sailor dress, apartment hunt, sales rep, stoned applicant, nutella, City of Angels, Kenny’s Christmas present to us (thanks, Kenny!), Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Ball Talk, Andre Miller thinks NBA’s soft, Greek league, Civil war shirt burner, family covered in paint, DUI and porn, steaks in your pants, she lifted her pajama top and breakfast begins, and too dirty for genitals.

Thanks for listening, back tomorrow with Rick & Dawn from the Rick Emerson Show, as well as comedian Amy Schumer in-studio!

Funemployment Radio Episode 261

Today’s show: Forgetting sarah Marshall, Rick Emerson, funemployment radio bingo, cleaning the gutters, fixing the truck, Lisa and Brian Wood from Big-Ass Sandwiches, Ball Talk, and a whole bunch of craziness.

Thanks for listening friends; love you long time!

Funemployment Radio Episode 260

Today’s show: projects, sarah’s scarf from Scotland, Boardwalk Empire, Vanilla Iceman cometh, friend from Spain,, voiceover job, dog painting, Ball Talk, Andre Miller shove, flubbing the National Anthem, Marketing person, World of Crazy, fat Uncle and chapstick, tongue biting, stolen boobs, and a toilet paper dispenser ruined my bowling game.

Thanks for listening, back tomorrow with Lisa & Brian Wood from Big-Ass Sandwiches!

Andre Miller push:

Funemployment Radio Episode 259

Today’s show: re-cap of the weekend, Midnight Movie, Santacon!, Sarah and Tugs got in a car accident and the douchebag lied about having insurance, Japanese porn, man milk, Barfly Xmas Extravaganza, dirty Santa, Aaron Duran, Ball Talk, no more Nate McMillan?, college sports predictions, Civil war and Apple cup, come on Marlins, arresting a mascot, really bad college song, World of Crazy, Dane Cook gets ripped off, Walmart pleasure seeker and soiler, 53-year-old butt grabbers, trapped in a pub – best nine days EVER!, and thanks for the donations! Woo!

Have a great night, talk at ya tomorrow!

Chomp song:

Bearcat arrest:

Funemployment Radio Episode 258

Today’s show: being nominated for the Podcast Awards! (for best comedy podcast, vote at, woo!), Dan Cummins, santacon, David Walker’s new movie “My dinner with AJ”, Faces of Meh, Barfly Xmas Extravaganza, thank you to Kenny B, holiday weekend!, U of O taunting, listeners Jon and Kathleen in studio!, Ball Talk, Blazers news, World Cup, Apple Cup, Civil War, hitting on your bosses wife, Kenny B’s letter to his roommate, announcement for a Funemployment Radio event, fuck yeah!, and getting ready for the weekend.

Thank you for listening and for voting for us, we really really very much appreciate it, and, of course, love you long time ☺ Talk to ya Monday!


Funemployment Radio Episode 257

Today’s show: Dan Cummins in-studio! He is, quite possibly, one of the funniest people we’ve ever met. We chatted about thievey hotel clerks, the three-fingered man, She-ra, GI Joe, and all sorts of inappropriate commentary along the way – it’s gold, Jerry. Please, do yourself a favor and check him out at the Helium Comedy Club tonight and/or this weekend, it will be well-worth it. After we regained our composure, we also had talk of dumps, Uma Thurman and Vanilla Ice trivia. This is a fantastic show.

Have a great one, talk to y’all tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 256

Today’s show: apartment hunting is a bitch, haunted place, roommates suck, close in SE, Jen Lane of Barfly Magazine, NYC, Mothball, mustache ride, side boob, Ball Talk, Blazers aren’t doing so well, LPGA, Cam Newton sounds like a douche, holographic soccer, bribing, kicking a horse, are there aliens?!, world of crazy, demons and fire hats, biggest pair of underwear, marrying a dog, shoplifting in your folds, ejaculating during a patdown, the Barfly Christmas party, and a big announcement on Friday!

Thanks for listening, we’ll talk to you tomorrow when we’ll have comedian Dan Cummins in-studio!



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