Past Episodes: 2010

Funemployment Radio Episode 245

Today’s show: it’s Friday!, napping, Beetlejuice, painting, WSU vs. OSU bet for the weekend, Sarah’s upstairs neighbor might have stolen her moneys, Ball Talk, Blazers news, pink cleats, whipping kids, predictions, Steeler van entrapment, World of crazy, Curtis got slapped, toothless mugshot gold, hipster cigarettes, we need exorcists, and a man was forced to eat his own beard (with amazing audio). Thanks for listening, have a great weekend!

best. mugshot. ever.

man who ate his beard:

Funemployment Radio Episode 244

Today’s show: coffee shop, gross conversation overheard, horrible story, Greg Behrendt is a rad guy, Sarah’s sweater, Frenet?, key stuck in Sarah’s car for two months, hood wouldn’t close, Greg and his nose, Greg Behrendt in-studio, iPhones, women asking for advice, being on Oprah, audience reactions and changes, his band, Sex and the City, podcasting vs. radio, podcasting is the new punk rock, moisten, nerd facts, and Greg and Sarah read a nerd blog.

We’re out, talk to you tomorrow when we’ll have a special guest in-studio! Woo!

Check out more info about Greg Behrendt here on his website!

Funemployment Radio Episode 243

Today’s show: yesterday, naughty bingo, Sons of Anarchy, don’t watch Carriers, Kelsey date, dog painting, Blazer game, Sarah had no sleep, Ball Talk, bad news for Brandon Roy, Jose Conseco, suing Obama and Jesus, World of Crazy, sex-toy drive thru, closet masturbator, cricket testicles, naked man in closet, is that a mouse in your butt?, and Medium Pace.

Thanks for listening folks!

Funemployment Radio Episode 242

Today’s show: fancy coffee shop, nom nom nom, Scategories, Sarah’s not feeling so hot, Cosmo is dirty, Ball Talk, Seattle Blazers?, Young Classic, diamond-encrusted money bag, Cowboy’s website, World of crazy, testicles and short shorts, workplace spanking, vomit testing, self-punishing infidel, and sperm-hunter extraordinaire.
Have a great rainy day, talk to ya’ll tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 241

Today’s show: weekend recap, Sklar brothers bar-hopping, Greg went to the coast, met listeners, Michael Vick fans at the bar, 3-year-olds birthday party, crazy screaming lady outside of Greg’s house, the Walking Dead, E.T. vs. Gizmo – a serious debate, Ball Talk, Greg’s predictions were (mostly) wrong, Blazers lost, Chinese genitals, baseball betting, spitting, Oregon’s basketball court, World of crazy, Madonna’s a super-cougar, creepy speed traps, myspace robbery, Smurf beating, that isn’t hemorrhoid cream, and a cat eats sour cream. Thanks for listening, back tomorrow!


Oregon's new floor:

Funemployment Radio Episode 240

Today’s show: it’s our one-year anniversary!, recorded on the roof, kells bells, re-cap of the year, fever dream, Kenny B surprise, Ball Talk, Blazers, Joe, Randy Moss, world of crazy, turkey in pants, bridal veil, condoms as candy, boating flasher, trampoline toucher, the donkey screamed and the children cried, and THANK YOU. We are so grateful for each and every one of you; thank you for your support and for listening, we really love you long time. Hope to see ya at the Sklar brothers show tonight! xo

Funemployment Radio Episode 239

Today’s show: Sarah lost her voice singing karaoke and sounds like Marge Simpson, Kenny B is rad, Greg is feeling better, interview with the Sklar brothers – holy crap they are rad!, hot studio, fake boobs, stand up, Nick Kroll,, podcasting is the future, Jon Hamm, young comedians, Mr. T, and it’s our one-year anniversary tomorrow!

Thanks for listening! Hopefully tomorrow Sarah’s voice will be back and we’ll be ready to conquer the world! Fuck yeah!

Funemployment Radio & the Sklar brothers:

Funemployment Radio Episode 238

Hello friends! So the iron pillar that is Mr. Nibler has fallen ill, and alas we shall not be doing a show today. While Sarah busies herself with painting pictures of dogs and Greg concentrates on getting better, we have an oldie but a goodie to keep you entertained. Since we’re coming up on our one-year anniversary this Friday, we decided to go back in time for another anniversary we’ve had, that being our 100th episode of Funemployment Radio!

Join us as we travel back in time with special guests, a musical interlude by Tila Tequila, the middle of the Jesse James shitshow, Big Ben and the beginning of his grey ashy penis, and favorite memories throughout our radio careers.

We’ll be back in action tomorrow, till then we hope you enjoy this flashback! Adios, muchachos.

Funemployment Radio Episode 237

Today’s show: crazy bike ride, dog painting, Being Erica, teeth cracking, Dexter, Sarah wants to pretend to be a dude, how does one talk like a man?, Ball Talk, Greg Oden free agent, best slip-up broadcast ever!, Roethliscockburger, U of O, Cassidy’s, World of crazy, naked lady, dentists buy back candy, Halloween princess, fighting brothers, and smokeless cigarettes.

Thanks for listening, back tomorrow!

Freudian slip?

Funemployment Radio Episode 236

Today’s show: Halloween weekend!, Greg fell out of his chair, costume parties, candy is expensive, Sarah hid from trick-or-treaters, carrots and orange skin, Ball Talk, Randy Moss is a jackass, Greg’s predictions were correct, best color commentary ever, U of O did well, World of Crazy, Taylor Swift is weird, don’t taunt lions – it will end poorly, shot in scrotum, and drunk and wearing a diaper is no way to go through life.

Thanks for listening, off to get soaking wet in the rain!


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