Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 523

Today: Greg is addicted to his cell phone, new bet - could he last a day?, Kenny is late, Kielen King in-studio, Ass and Titties, Kenny's sister doesn't like Greg, Sportlandia and Blazers win, Ask the black man, Kenny's Nerd Facts and shots, and have a great and safe New Years Eve, everyone! We'll be back Monday @ 9am with a new show! word.

Funemployment Radio Episode 522

Today: long long drive, LMN, you cannot reason with crazy people, Silk Stalkings & Baywatch Nights, Greg loves Poppy, ungrateful children on Twitter, Black iPhones Suck, Paul the Octopus, My Tuggy, Sinead O'Conner, Kindergarten Teacher, internet sword, and bad food injections - thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode Show Note

Due to unforeseen circumstances there will be no show today, but we'll be back tomorrow morning live at 9am! Thanks for everything, we are grateful for you all - have a great day friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 521

Today: Christmas weekend re-cap, UTFO is rad, Sarah's a Bremelo and is living in American Horror Story, Greg is being stalked by a cougar (the rawr kind, not the martini-swilling kind), Swill, slanted floors and naked bathroom man, $10 comedy show and Mickeys, and the Keymaster and Gatekeeper live in Portland. Thanks for listening, happy Tuesday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 520

Today: it's Kenny's birthday!, Sarah Scrooge, Greg gives the gift of a free bus ride to Portland, Lunchable debacle, Wendy Liebman in-studio (great lady!), Kenny takes shots of Creme de Menthe, Christmas racist Nerd Facts, and Herbert the Pervert sings you a Christmas song. Have a great safe weekend, all! Happy fucking holidays!

Funemployment Radio Episode 519

Today: Sarahs dog painting, hamburger hat, squatches, Melrose Place, swatches, verbal porn stars, Twilight gift tin, handcuffs, shitty graffiti, lesbian vampires, naked roarer, cocaine in his brother's ass, private thugs, and Greg's Las Vegas sideshow.

Funemployment Radio Episode 517

Today: back from Vegas, metal ass, do not fly Spirit Airlines, plane whiskey, beer pong, are you a prostitute, craps, 14-inch hotdog, Tebrew love, Wheel of Fortune, drunk dirty mascots, dollar margaritas, plastic in my burger, Kobe's having a bad week, French Canadian hate, and Courtney Stodden is creepy. Thanks for listening! Creepy Michael Jackson dude:

Funemployment Radio Episode 516

Today: SARAH'S OFF TO VEGAS! WOO! Ban Kenny, unintentional dreds, vodka flying, Steve Byrne in-studio, hockey fan, gaping vagina, opening for Puddle of Mudd & Mariah Carey, USO tours, pooping pants, Jamal Crawford (!!), trouble for tebowing, top ten worst bowls, and have a fantastic day all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 515

Today: Sarah's tv show last night, thank you for the gifts!, Geek in the City Radio, silicone penis injection, Star Wars light saber attack, Frat and Sorority rushing, Nikki McReynolds doesn't believe in your soulmate, Kardashians in Vegas, Johnny Cash, and thanks for listening!


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