Past Episodes: January 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 296

Today's show: Portland Music Awards, random celebrities, drug stealing, motorcycle clubhouse, day-drinking, 90210, karaoke and big bottoms, crazy cat lady, Rick Emerson and Dawn Taylor in-studio, beer licking, horrific poo stories, ball talk, blazers news, "the Big Game", Californication, and thanks for listening!

Kevin Garnett punch:

Funemployment Radio Episode 295

Today’s show: We'll just say it, mentally challenged people like to stare at Greg, Crazy Bus People, Blazers Rule, KELLY CLARKE from Willamette Week and more awkward stories than you can ever hear, anywhere! Have a great weekend and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 294

Today’s show: Marc Maron in-studio (dude is super rad), donations, Shaq is goofy, Gallagher, whisper singing, boob fireworks, bowling, crackhead neighbors, out-nerding Kenny, and Marc Maron talks podcasting, Robin Williams, mistaking Haiti for Jamaica, and being scary. Thanks for listening!


Funemployment Radio Episode 293

Today’s show: We were on today and it. Was. AWESOME! Also chatted about Blazers Headquarters tour, personalized jerseys, party suite, slumping, awesome folks, small balls, bowling, sneaking on the court, and thanks for listening!

Watch us on Trailblazers TV here!

Funemployment Radio Episode 292

Today’s show: building a bookshelf, Hollywood match, carpet shampoo, creepy love songs, Ball Talk, Blazers news, Cutler is a douche, no superbowl?, Packers tie gets you fired,, World of Crazy, Jersey in Italy, dead people water, fork in eye and human-biting monkey.

Funemployment Radio Episode 291

Today’s show: the weekend, singing homeless man, Blazers news,, crazy cat lady, surviving IKEA, parents visiting, neighbors, Aaron Duran is a really bad whore,, Ball Talk, Blazers signing, hotdog sandwich, roasted bear, stadium parking, Sarah’s sister Heather, Facebook makes you slutty, naked robber, stinky feet stabbing, cockroach in your colon, and SnowBalls.

Funemployment Radio Episode 290

Today’s show: Busted, take your reward, Greg’s story, Dolly, Kira boobs, Ron Funches, Terminator from the future, World of Crazy, 911 and hookers, Paul the octopus, penis bye-bye, Muppet Babies nerd facts, the Batz, Ball Talk, Blazers/Clippers, Nate McMillon is awesome, Kobe Bryant walk of fame, Nikki Cox, NY Jets, Sarah hates money, and have a great weekend!

Funemployment Radio Episode 289

Today's Show: Media bowling, AAA (three a's, not two), computer, Anjela Johnson in-studio (ex-NFL cheerleader & Mad TV cast member - current stand-up comedian and fan of Sarah (not really)), interview re-cap, Sarah's facebook letter to a girl that tormented her in high school and now believes that they were, in fact friends, and we make our characters for Christian Mingle! Thanks for listening, back tomorrow with local comedian Ron Funches!

Funemployment Radio Episode 288

Today's Show: Greg has had way too much coffee, losing weight, Facebook weirdness, Friends characters (yes, it's 1997), different memories, Ball Talk, Blazers win!, surgery, Lance Armstrong conspiracy, naked Steffi Graff, World of Crazy, Banksy, a drunk owl, cockfight killing, knocked-up bitches, and the forum.

Funemployment Radio Episode 287

Today's Show: Sarah and food poisoning, karaoke, Meat Loaf, concert experiences, scary driving, I'll never eat chinese food again, Ball Talk, Blazers injury, Kings moving, World of Crazy, cheap butt implants, who gets butt implants?, 90 pregnant girls, Heidi the cross-eyed opossum conspiracy theory, does anyone know where we can get a cheap Mac?, and! Word.


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