Past Episodes: February 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 316

Today's show: crazy weekend, Sportlandia, Blazers dancers, Dublin Down, pin-up girls, karaoke with straws, late-night beer run, video shoot, Zombie Economics, game, Tuggy toot toot, Aaron Duran!, hilarity, post-birthday, Ball Talk, Rainman, rowing! woo!, Kobe's a douche, Iran sign, boobs boobs boobs, World of Crazy, no more breast milk ice cream, wolf girl, gecko in bread, rainbow hippie death, and does this knife-proof vest work?

Wolf girl:

Funemployment Radio Episode 315

Today's show: Sarah's in pain, Sportlandia @ 4pm today at!, Vampire Diaries, peeing with an ice cream cone, Kenny B's lady and Facebook, conundrum, saving balls for Sportlandia, World of Crazy, chainsaw in pants, bathroom stripper, water bottle pleasurer, breast milk ice cream, mouth full of feces, and nerd facts about Kenny's impending hair loss.

Funemployment Radio Episode 314

Today's show: Max people, Blazers swag, the game, Lakers fans, Jackass dude, weather psychics, snow(ish), Dublin Down Pin-up girl contest!, Sportlandia, ice in pee troughs, Ball Talk, trade rumors, Kobe's wife is a crazy person, the Mexicutioner, Cam Newton is an 'idol' (his words), H&R Block, and a sample of Romancing the Spammer! Thanks for your support!

Funemployment Radio Episode 313

Today's show: Kyra Sedgwick is mean, Lakers game, Greg's crazy, hairwashing, no snow, Sports are Soap Operas, Ball Talk, arm-flapping trades, Carmelo sandwich, naked sledging, crazy stalkers, World of Crazy, Florida with trees, stolen condoms, multiple wives, cult billboard, girlscout cookie fight, and pick up your copy of Romancing the Spammer today!

"offensive" billboard:

Funemployment Radio Episode 312

Today's show: no hot water, weird bug, tax man, Greg is sick, UFO dream, Ball Talk, trade talk, mystery pooper, underground fight clubs, World of Crazy, Jesse James is a dick, kid named Facebook, Fox news and sexting, and yes, there was, in fact, semen in the yogurt. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 311

Today's show:, Sportlandia, Pop-a-shot - greg lost, weekends, whisky, Tuggy in-studio!, tug-boating, crappy bus rides, squished pennies (, crazy, Golden Balls, Blazers, fishing pays off, complete therapy session and horrible people in the greek system that made our lives a living hell, and we love you.

Blake Griffin jump:

Funemployment Radio Episode Sportlandia Premiere!

Our first show is up! It is rife with craziness, Kesha three-goggle pictures, Greg and I being crazy, updates on what's going on in Portland, technical issues, Dan Harbison, technical issues, and magic.

Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in, we had a great time and thank you for the support! :) Love you long time!!

Here's a link to our first show, thanks so much friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 310

Today's show: Prepping last night, crazy drunk dudes, 'punk rocker', Obama in town, we are insane, Sportlandia, show today!, (Big) Jim Willig, clitoure, all kinds of wrong, show at marijuana distillery, Balls, crazy balls, tree update, and sober Jim.

Thanks for listening! Our first episode of Sportlandia is being taped live today at 4pm at Spirit of '77 (500 NE MLK), please stop by and say hello or watch it live at!

Funemployment Radio Episode 309

Today's show: Terry Porter, Blazers offices are amazing!, Burgerville make-out couple, giant dead birds, dream in a dream, Balls, Blazers winning streak, Lakers suck, Michael Vick wimped out on Oprah, Auburn and the historic tree,, Crazy, good-bye Uncle Leo, Britney's new song, electrocuted meth head, eating your own ear, demon babies, and Kenny B's poem from when he was 19 to his lost-love, Erin V. - holy god, it is the most embarrassing thing ever. Thanks for listening, and if you're in town please stop by tomorrow for our first show at live at 4pm at Spirit of '77 (500 NE MLK)!

Funemployment Radio Episode 308

Today's show:!, internet rip-offs, new computer (THANK YOU, Seumas), having a job, cable, snow, Ball Talk, Lebron James and Pooholes, Panda Express, hopping World record, weird exercises, World of Crazy, JLo stabs herself, computer Jeopardy, free condoms, frank the cross-eyed cat, Greg can't cross his eyes, and we have cockroaches named after us!


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