Past Episodes: March 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 339

Today's show: magical language, babies talking, Sarah's accidentally goth, cobra twitter, killer bees, Zombie Economics, Ball Talk, Jay Z in trouble, BCS problem, soccer vs. football, prom proposal, World of Crazy, Federline's fertile, free vasectomy, vodka tampons, and a man fused to a chair. Literally. Thanks for listening!

Creepy babies talking:

Black Eyed Peas / Bad Lip-reading:

Funemployment Radio Episode 338

Today's show: Lincoln City, blown-out tire, gambling, agates, blind Muppet, Wizard of Oz, Woodstock, yelly people, Kenny B live from Costa Rica!, giant cockroaches, Jay brings Mickeys and pictures!, Ball Talk, Blazers, King James, fake cops, VCU coach pay-off, AK-47, Oooga Chugga, and thanks for listening friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode 337

Today's show: going to the coast, gambling at Casino's, secret portal at the Spaceroom, crazy mohawk screaming guy, I'm a pirate!, Ball Talk, Blazers win, big... egos, smack talk, March Madness gambling win, World of Crazy, facebook depression, watch a movie with me mom, DIY tattoo kit, and excuse me, is that your testicle or mashed potatoes? Thanks for listening!

Here's the link to the download of Kielen's version of "UR Rawk is inefficient"! word.

Funemployment Radio Episode 336

Today's show: Sarah has allergies, Sportlandia, Greg's hooker card, Kai the prostitute, what is MSOG?, Aaron Duran and his magical tequila, analyzing porn abbreviations, Ball Talk, Blazers, 16th hole hooker, March Madness, Wazzu is winning!, and why do we keep talking about hookers? Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 335

Today's show: Sportlandia live today @ 4pm PST, Friday fun fun fun, Roller Derby, passive agression, Ball Talk, Sporting Ocho Cinco, Tiger Woods girlfriends' crayon drawings, March Madness, Romancing the Spammer, stolen kebab, healthy hotdogs, jars of feces, and teacher porn star. Have a great weekend, all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 334

Today's show: KUFO meeting, Ritchie and Daniel Baldwin, bus stop harmonica man, Rebecca Black Friday, middle school dances, teenage awkwardness, Boyz II Men, Ball Talk, March Madness, all-woman World of Crazy including: feces-throwing, wedding arrest, hiring a hitman on a website, and a 92-year-old woman who just wants to be kissed. Goddamn, today was a lot of fun. Happy Thursday!

Sweet, sweet Helen:

Funemployment Radio Episode 333

Today's show: dude from Biggest Loser, Blazer game, teeth worn down, KUFO meeting, I beat her, Michael Orr in-studio about the Portland Timbers, soccer chat, Ball Talk, Shaq's a cop, floating space cloud, soaking with Jimmer, live footage from Courage, and thanks for listening! word.

Jimmer song:

Funemployment Radio Episode 332

Today's show: take me home tonight, Yakuza help, can I buy your dog?, creepy Brooklyn guy, dollar store gifts, bye to Stone & Gavin, Ball Talk, Blazers game, green sports, hockey hit, McDonald's marathon, Daniel Baldwins RAP SINGLE (not kidding, and neither is he), pole dancing for Jesus, and thanks to our new sponsor Green Earth House Cleaning!

Matt Cooke headshot:

Daniel Baldwin (aka Double D) rapping. Lord, help us all.

Funemployment Radio Episode 331

Today's show: this weekend, Sportlandia on location, embarrassing interview, Practical Magic, Trailer Park Boys, Courage show!, Aaron Duran, Geek in the City, Ball Talk, March Madness, we pick our teams, Ichiro donation, vasectomy day, World of Crazy, taco bell shooting, Lady Gaga breastmilk ice cream, Sammy Hagar and aliens, and is that heroin in your vagina? Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 330

Today's show: Courage show tomorrow night @ Plan B (1305 SE 8th Ave), Kenny B's poem to us, Costa Rica, Blazer pub crawl, Ball Talk, March Madness, who's crying?, NFL strike, prize pigs, Anaheim Royals of Southern California, World of Crazy, lickity split drugs, pit bull chew toy, facebook bigamy, playing vampire, and Courage show tomorrow! Woo! Happy Friday, all!


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