Past Episodes: March 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 319

Today's show: Greg forgot to get Sarah, Enrique Iglesias is desperate, tonight I'm f-ing you, Ball Talk, Blazers win, no NFL?, Lingerie bowl, football crime, don't mess with old men, Audible, World of crazy, masturbating in cow dung, crack in crack, new anus, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 318

Today's show: wanna buy some weed?, new hair, beard diva, water aerobics, old people and cougar bait, thanks Thomas, Kenny B and Costa Rica, Balls, Blazers, combines, owl resolution, BYU, Timbers, Kenny Rogers, Kells Bells, World of Crazy hosted by Charlie Sheen, and good by to Kenny for a month!

Funemployment Radio Episode 317

Today's show: strip club, gross bathroom, old pimp, Charlie Sheen is magic, Sheen or Ultimate Warrior, Ball Talk, Blazers acquirement, Seattle is miserable, Soccer owl, Romancing the Spammer, World of Crazy, Christina arrested, sticky boy, butt bra, mayonnaise on the road, and thanks for listening!


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