Past Episodes: April 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 360

Today: not interested in the Royal wedding, weird hats, Blazers season ends, Gary Gulman in-studio, McDonalds coffee, True Blood, Arrested Development is genius, Todd Glass, rimshot, dropping keys, Andy Dick is a big ole mess, man crushes, Tom Brady, Kentucky Derby party Saturday, May 7th, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 359

Today: Bill and his glorious mullet, Kenny B and his lady friend, heading back to Costa Rica, drug mule, Facebook love, children at weddings, cocaine and big nostrils, Charles Manson is still crazy, Nerd facts, and go Blazers!!

The Dayton Family sings about Cocaine

Funemployment Radio Episode 358

Today: British robot, Royal wedding who cares, Birthers, Chris Athey (u8a22!), Rajneeshees, Skybox, extra soccer balls, baseball superstitions,, Tila Tequila news!, cupcake flavored vodka, Trump's clothes made in China, drunk man walks highway, Florida with trees, Overboard is a fantastic movie, and Josh - please stop having your creditors call Greg. Happy Tuesday, all!

Chris Athey (aka u8a22) - Hope it gives you hell

Overboard Trailer

Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

Funemployment Radio Episode 357

Today: Sopranos quiz, soundboard wrongness, Facebook, Sarah's sister Heather is here!, Jason Kidd's kid's giant head, we love Patty Cakes, stripping naked interview, Asian giant hornets, botox your feelings, no more typewriters, tweeting Jesus, naked man, and thanks to Thom for the hilarious clips!

Funemployment Radio Episode 356

Today: weekend, Blazer win!, drunken Andy Dick, comedians everywhere, Sportlandia, jello shot Easter egg hunt, tattoo dreams, stabby wife, drunken NFL arrest, To Catch a Predator, OH MY GOD THERE IS A TO CATCH A PREDATOR SOUND BOARD, lone jiggling vibrator, and naked scrunchie man. Thanks for listening, Go Blazers!

Funemployment Radio Episode 355

Today: woman drinking wine in her car?!, Baron Vaughn in-studio, bathrooms with puffballs, jazz sax is sexy, LABYRINTH LOVE, Kenny G and his asian ladies, dead bodies in bags, going to Vegas, Lifetime games, material vs. location, baby mouths, truffle shuffle, NY vs. LA, Damn Yankees, 'Surprise gay', Andy Dick's son, Reading Rainbow and Jordi! Thanks for listening, we'll be live at Tanker at 4pm for a new edition of Sportlandia, feel free to stop by and say hello!

Funemployment Radio Episode 354

Today's show: our coffee shop runs out of... coffee?, Sarah saw Scream 4, Cougar Town is TERRIBLE (of course), Courtney Cox's Muppet Mouth, sky-diving, Cliffs of Moher, Blazer game tonight!, mangled trophy, robot pitcher, blood perfume, and Mommyjuice. Sportlandia tonight post-game; go Blazers!!

Funemployment Radio Episode 353

Today's show: crazy driver, Sportlandia, drunk people and toy life, Kenny B back in America and almost arrested!, don't drink with Tuggy, climbing Mt. Tabor, life in Costa Rica, presents, WWYMD underwear, wrong eyeball, viagra beer, and lady going to jail for watching porn while driving.

Thanks for listening, we'll be live at at 4pm! Word.

Funemployment Radio Episode 352

Today's show: allergies, nice outside,, weiner dogs, puppy love, Ball Talk, Blazers tonight, stealing shirts and ipods, felons going to Canada, World of Crazy, topless bird lover, drunk toddler, bottle to throttle, and sharing breastmilk on Facebook. Thanks for listening, enjoy your day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 351

Today's show: crazy weekend, cougars love Greg, Kenny's back in America!, Barfly Awards, Elvis and Church of Elvis, Ball Talk, drunk lady talking about the Bulls, LA upset, Public Access old man, World of Crazy, mannequin in a bathroom, and eating your finger for attention. Sportlandia live today @ 4pm on, thanks for listening!

Mare Bear! (p.s. for a good chuckle read the comments as well)


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