Past Episodes: May 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 381

Today: weekend re-cap, Sportlandia (and thanks to listeners who came out!), our night out with Bobby Lee, rainy BBQs, Rim Job Bicycle Gang (?), apocalypse dream, audition, GTL, Sarah's burned, NBA finals tonight, tattoos for trade, Jason Terry's tattoo, no drinking for Timbers Army, army's of attacking squid, blackbeards anchor, penis removal, and butter attack. Thanks for listening, the one and only Bill Oakley in-studio tomorrow! Malt liquor shall be consumed!

Funemployment Radio Episode 380

Today: fancy apartment, nerds unite, "Presentation Karaoke", Bobby Lee, Sportlandia today, Kenny B from Costa Rica, apologies to his girlfriend, East vs. West, Bills maybe relocating, Tiki Barbur compares himself to... Ann Frank?, cheating on pregnant wife, arrow for a cellphone, watermelon face, pork roast inflatable body, and urine perfume. Congrats to Bill Oakley on his new gig, and happy birthday to Mr. Scott Dally! Have a good and safe Memorial weekend, all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 379

Today: Bobby Lee came to hang out with us in-studio, and before we knew it an hour had gone by! We talked about Larry David, Pineapple Express, break-ups, divorce, 30 ninjas in a stable, Mad TV, drug addiction, pooping your pants, Pauly Shore, strip clubs, mouth vs. vagina, high school, and loving what you do. Thanks for listening - it's because of you we get the opportunity to interview awesome folks like this, and we are grateful for you. Yes, you!

Bobby Lee on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Funemployment Radio Episode 378

Today: we hung out with Patty Mills! Greg's trip to his parents, bobcats in the wilderness, dream cows running like dogs, community college, Mt. Tabor, Kielen King has copies of his new album (woo!), new coach for Lakers, catfish noodling, gambler cap, no internet while menstruating, and is your dad "homogay"? Thanks for listening!

Catfish noodlin'!

Funemployment Radio Episode 377

Today: actor party thing last night, Greg almost lost his identity, child actors, GREEN WITH ENVY TRAILER - WATCH IT!!, She-ra vs. He-Man debate, more She-ra vs. He-Man, Skeletor history, Orko, Harold Camping is an 89-year-old idiot, shovel attack, flea collars for employees, and update on the feces-spitting postal worker. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 376

Today: fun weekend, Sarah's car hit, cougars love cool Greg, Sarah loves Stephen Dorff, cornhole champs, happy birthdays, Outlook Portland, Greg's buddy Jeff, Barkley, Qatar cheat, ESPN chick, Aaron Duran is awesome, no rapture, online scam, $56 condoms, sword-weilding lady, and no chicken? Look at my penis! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 375

Today: dammit, Macho Man Randy Savage died. Otherwise, Sarah is sunburned, last day before the rapture, crazy parents leaving kids behind, LeBron is very very rich, Nike town and tourists, Tony Parker - yeehaw, Boston Bruins signs, Kenny B from Costa Rica, nerd facts, Kirk Cameron vs. Stephen Hawking, facebook updates, and talk to you all on Monday! We aren't being teleported tomorrow, we're pretty sure.

Funemployment Radio Episode 374

Today: another gorgeous day! Dov Davidoff in-studio, aliens and mutated children, strip clubs,
measure, foggy noggin douchebag, end of the world, billboards, LeBron is rich (duh), Raiders cut costs, candlestick bowling, setting self on fire, hidden bathroom camera, drugs for a salad, frozen urine ice cream, and a giant man baby. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 373

Today: It's sunny and nice in Portland!, afternoon beers, anniversary of Mt. St. Helens, Sarah and her families sing-along songs, Harry Truman, Jack in the Box painted lady, Heatipede, Kareem snubbed, draft rigged, instant karma, planking, naked tennis, marlboro cellphone, and are you touching yourself behind the soda machine? Thanks for listening!

Roll on, Columbia roll on

Funemployment Radio Episode 372

Today: Greg is an AC-TOR, Sarah saw Bridesmaids and it was HILARIOUS, end of the world is this weekend, other times the end of the world has been predicted, Barkley is douchey, Steinbrenner worked for the FBI, John Daly is a sex-addict (ew), and no more snow days p.s. we're old. Thanks for listening!

Bridesmaids trailer


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