Past Episodes: May 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 371

Today: magic - pure magic, weekend recap, Alanis Morrisette karaoke, Greg is a model, Greg's movie, bike-riding, backyard beers, baby shower!, Aaron Duran and his sister Meghann in-studio, Kobe is a douche, HEY BULLS, Hayden likes big dong, Meghann works at a prison (?!), prison stories, escapes, convicts, family business, did-you-know Dog Facts (really), and Aaron is afraid of the Incredible Hulk.

Funemployment Radio Episode 370

Today: book signing yesterday, thanks to all of the listeners - we love you all!!, Friday the 13th, suicide forest in Japan, we are insane, Bruce Bruce in-studio (very cool guy), Phil Jackson in NY, Alabama twitter lack of tact, Larry Bird 33, Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen, stuck to a toilet seat, shot for manners, and Brazil is weird. Have a fantastical weekend, all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 369

Today: Ladies night = free drinks, Kenny's TV and Greg robbing him, Kenny B live from Costa Rica!, girlfriend woes, new Lakers reality show, Oprah controls everything, Olympic pole dancing, Kielen (poorly) defends himself :), Andy Dick eats fake plants, breast implant app, end of the world, and are your testicles caught in that seat? Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 368

Today: Sarah's got a new haircut, half-off shampoo, burn at the tanning place, Greg needs food, Rick Emerson in-studio talking Zombie Economics, process of getting a publisher, cover artist, everyone who helped, kooky interviews, and a reading from said book. Thanks for listening, and be sure to catch Rick at Barnes and Noble tomorrow night, 7pm, for a reading and signing of his book!

Funemployment Radio Episode 367

Today: online dating listener response, car fight, Greg in a car accident, fighting in the streets, Oklahoma City wins in three overtimes, Arnold is single, Whitney loves crack, opening plane door MID-AIR, handcuffed at Home Depot, Snoop Dogg and Charlie - Winning song (wow), Hale Mednick (Director/Producer/Writer) of the movie Greg is in called "Messiah Complex" - check it out this Sunday at the Clinton Street Theater!

Here's the link to the Snoop Dogg/Charlie Sheen song "Winning" - it's just as bad as it sounds

Funemployment Radio Episode 366

Today: Portland Meadow's Kentucky Derby party, crazy hats, mint juleps, thanks to Bobby and all of the listeners that came out!, washers game, Bremerton Mother's Day, Kells Bells and Kielen King in-studio!, Download Plasma Shells - it's rad!, dating online, chubby vs. obese, smoking in sweatpants, LA was destroyed by the Mavs, poor sports, Phil Jackson knows payote, Kielen's date hates pirates, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 365

Today: Sarah entered a dance contest, Greg is sick, Eastbound and Down, bum vs. hobo, I'm so excited - I'm so... scared, Mavs win, space coach, singing boxer, Kentucky Derby predictions, Home Alone house for sale, waking up with an accent, and is that a gun in your vagina? Happy weekend, all! Hope to see you at Portland Meadows tomorrow! I'm going to make my hat now!!

Pick a horse, any horse

Funemployment Radio Episode 364

Today: Sarah's dream of mini pigs and six clones, Greg's allergies, grilled cheese, Horse racing, Bowie's balls, Andy Kindler in-studio!, David Letterman, Marc Maron, Pauly Shore is dead, Helium Comedy Club, and don't wake Mommies clones, Sarah. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 363

Today: Timbers game, bad comedy, night club singing, missing bus, we love Lisa Wood, Kentucky Derby, Timber Joey in-studio!, game last night, MLS in Portland, NBA Playoffs, expensive football stadium, Sports song based on Rebecca Black's song - dear god,, and enjoy this sunny day!

Here's the link to Joey's charity!

Why does this exist?

Funemployment Radio Episode 362

Today: Game of Thrones is awesome, falling down stairs, screaming asian lady, Rick's book, Lakers lose, betting on childrens games, screaming coach, Kentucky Derby this Saturday w/ party @ Portland Meadows, breast milk cheese (again), body liquification, peeing on cough drops, prostitute for dad, and why is there a credit card in your vagina? Rob Zombie tix contest tomorrow, be sure to listen to today's show to hear the question!

crazy coach


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