Past Episodes: June 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 401

Today: Comedian Brent Weinbach comes in studio for talk of 90's awesomeness, timeless people, Ewok Backbacks, Night Hulk, World Kaleidoscope and....Brown. It will all make sense (or not) once you tune in! Seriously hilarious guy!

Funemployment Radio Episode 399

Today: new shoes!, Greg's auditions, attempting different accents, how to tie your shoes, True Blood and lesbian cage fighting, CM Punk totally punks Vince McMahon, Charlie Sheen will die, astroid near earth, nearly Darwinized kayakers, monkeys in space, and God made me smash things. One more episode to go for #400!

Funemployment Radio Episode 398

Today: deejaying gone awry, getting hit in the face with a frisbee, Aaron Duran, World of warcraft, Encyclopedia Brown mystery, smattering balls, Save Lenny, Tony Parker (yee-haw!), Alaska games, Tuggy on WoW, new condoms, Charlie Sheen, flesh-eating cocaine, porta-potty man, and breast-milk squirting. Thanks for listening!

"Stripper Petting Zoo"

Funemployment Radio Episode 397

Today: Sportlandia from the Blazers Fan Shop, cornhole tournament, coffee, Sarah's DJ interview, the draft, bye Rudy, soccer piercings are a no-no, Arj Barker in-studio talking Tommy Chong, Flight of the Conchords, Australia, stand-up and he's performing at the Helium Comedy Club tonight and tomorrow! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 396

Today: Draft day!, Greg is not bald, it's Nu Nu's birthday and Sarah's (accidentally) invited, angry religious ladies, 30,000 pairs of sunglasses, Metta Worldpeace, jerk on a plane, peeing on luggage, dead + not dead = dead, and excuse me - are you hiding under a feces-covered tarp in my porta-potty?

Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 395

Today: Greg's back from Alaska, stories of drunken camping and craziness, bear-hunting, Game of Thrones party, Blazer HQ, Sportlandia tomorrow for draft day, enough shitting on Ryan Dunn already, old lady and weed, polar bear earrings, and thanks for listening - back tomorrow friends!

Funemployment Radio Episode : Vacation Tuesday

Vacation day 2, we recall our special guest Ben Bailey from Cash Cab and the Sklar Brothers. Greg is back tomorrow, with an all new show!


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