Past Episodes: June 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 393

Today: We had the one, the only, Paul Mooney in-studio, and by god, it was amazing. I don't really think there is more to add to that statement. Listen and find out.

Funemployment Radio Episode 392

Today: Greg's trip, puddle-jumpers, Rick Emerson, Las Vegas with family, grizzly bears, human hotdog, Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries! - The Case of the Masked Man and The Case of the Unknown Thief, we got stuck up on the roof (again), DeShawn Stevenson arrested, Shaq sex tape, Kenny Powers is a golfer, and win tickets to Face to Face tomorrow night!! Just follow us on twitter @funempradio, along with @mikethrasherpdx for your chance to win!

p.s. Thank you Rick Emerson for saving us from certain death on the roof. Buy his book today, won't you?

Funemployment Radio Episode 391

Today: Greg's number one no more, Sarah loves Justin Theroux, Charlies Angels, plane crashes, Alaska trip, Lil Wayne is EVERYWHERE, Dwight Howard free agent, famous gambling, Howard Camping stroke, Grandma's urn at Goodwill, peeing on property, and Encyclopedia Brown mysteries are hard!

Tomorrow - special guest and a chance to win tickets to see FACE TO FACE live at the Wonder Ballroom this Thursday, courtesy of Mike Thrasher Presents! Details tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 390

Today: Sarah in Bremerton, karaoke couth, searching for sailors, road sodas, flank steak (mmm), children everywhere, Aaron Duran!, margaritas, Aaron give Greg a three-bladed throwing star knife thing = bad idea, Mavs win the Finals (woo!), Marc Cuban back to being crazy, and we try out our new morning show - Jock, Dame & Dork... see how it goes! Terribly! Love you long time.

Funemployment Radio Episode 389

Today: Woods vs. Weiner texts, fun fun fun, game last night, Sportlandia today, awesome Bosnian dude, cheap beer, Dan Bozyk comes in to hang with us, beer drinking, Finals, Bosh is a lizard, public urination, NFL teams, your computer's watching you, naked bodybuilding, Ewok touches self, skidmark on wedding dress, and heading downtown for the bet to meet sailors! Have a safe fun weekend, friends

Funemployment Radio Episode 388

Today: Billy Madison, white trash game watching, wrestling war, Kyle Kinane in-studio, crepe wrestling on Hawthorne, Face to Face, 90s punk rock, start in comedy, Harry Caray, hot dogs, hot diggity dogger, Crystal Wolf Brothers, Kansas swing band, and holy fuck - he is funny. Thanks for listening friends! Word.

Funemployment Radio Episode 387

Today: Greg's not a happy camper today for good reason, Kelly Clarke and her baby Alex in-studio!, devil baby sounds, Hamm sandwiches, Kenny B from Costa rica, his girlfriend still hates us, no nookie, Americans are funny, 75 stolen deodorants, weed with your Subway?, buttock fondling, and Kyle Kinane on the show tomorrow! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 386

Today: it's graduation day, goddamn we're old, grad night, Holland Road, haunted place, Greystone Church in Pullman, breaking in, Greg grew up in a ghost town, NFL 8 games, finger biting, scholarship without playing, no Superbowl ring, twin friars die on the same day, and it's not as bad as you think - The Exorcist. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 385

Today: Sarah is apparently a white devil, Seattle is crazy, vomiting in a trash can at a pool, piroshky, gay bar tour, Greg is a wrestler, camping, Diablo Blanco, Aaron Duran, Area 51, getting photos confiscated, flying in restricted airspace, Mavs vs. Dallas, horrible rap song, shooting self in leg, USC ban, and CJ2K. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 384

Today: Sportlandia, Bob Marley, Sarah's awesome soundbites to mess w/ Greg, NBA finals, Lebron crying, Shaq rapping, Kobe and ass-smelling, Bieber fans are nucking futs, f'ing bear and pants around ankles, stabbing yourself to avoid paying money, Obama condoms, running naked to be free, and Deliverance - not as bad as you think! Thanks for listening, have a safe, fun, glorious weekend!


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