Past Episodes: June 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 383

Today: Comedian Bob Marley in-studio (very very funny dude), swearing, Boondock Saints, drinks with Willem Dafoe, being on Letterman, talking about cookies to Jean Luc Picard, cheese-it addiction, touring, start in comedy, Irish Catholic parents invading movie set, omedy arn, and acting out a death scene - opened or closed? Thanks for listening, and be sure to check out Bob @ Helium Comedy Club tonight and this weekend - tickets at!

Funemployment Radio Episode 382

Today: Greg and his make-up, Sarah was chased by a dog on her scooter, Bill and Rachel Oakley in-studio, malt liquor, Simpsons, Portlandia, getting a gig in the industry, how the Oakley's met, college shenanigans, Deliverance, small balls, Shaq retires, Bill on twitter, nutra sweet, area 51, sardines and hot sauce, and thanks for listening!


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