Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 326

Today's show: Blazers practice, interviewing them, karaoke, DEVIL, Courage practice, Gavin, Silent Jason, whiskey, Ball Talk, March Madness, WNBA, underage girls, Timbers stadium, Bob Knight falls asleep, lessons for Greg on swinging from a swinger listener, and what is a beard? Thanks for listening!

Lamarcus, Sarah, Rudy & Greg:

Funemployment Radio Episode 325

Today's show: Japan Earthquake and how you can help, Red Cross, awkward segue to next topic, Strip Club Etiquette, crying girlfriend, Craiglist ad with Sarah's soulmate, small balls, press release for Sportlandia!, mad Wallace, TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS, Stadium living, Charlie Sheen one-man show, drunk peeing, ear-biting, hand-attaching, and is this your sack of urine? Courage show March 19th @ Plan B, thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 324

Today's show: 82nd ave hookers, Gen X, I don't do mornings, new shirts for SPORTLANDIA tomorrow live @ 2:30pm!, fake Lady Gaga in NYC, soaking – is it real?, Rick Emerson, mormons, NCMO, small Balltalk, MARCH MADNESS!, Meat Loaf quiz, and see ya tomorrow!

Here's a link to the article about the chick in NYC pretending to be Lady Gaga!

Funemployment Radio Episode 323

Today's show: new Sportlandia today!, Anchorman, trash talk in other languages, Hershey text, Ball Talk, crybabies, Blazer win, Stanford cheaters, professor kicked out, Magic Johnson, Kielen (Greg's new black roommate), nerd rapping, Charlie sheen audio, gorilla pelts, magic, Your show is inefficient, and we love you all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 322

Today's show: dirty shelves, Vanilla Ice, Night without Armor, Wild and wonderful Whites, hill-billies, Ball Talk, LeBron is a douche, Charlie Sheen TV show, BYU scandal, Bobby Knight chicken shit, Audible, insane ranting of a crazy person, and people wanting to intern in Kenny B's place - should we have an interim intern? Thanks for listening!

Barry Bonds' huge head:

Funemployment Radio Episode 321

Today's show: weekend, Sportlandia, Blazers practice, cleaning the gimp room, wedding dress shopping, Kenny's TV, new roommates, Aaron Duran, whisky, 80s/90s cartoons, Costa Rica plot, Jen Lane,, New Orleans, Ball Talk, Blazers win, magic, Miani whiners, Don King tacos, World of Crazy, Charlie Sheen, Cyndi Lauper is rad, naked growling man, pregnant with ecstasy, and will you pull out my teeth with pliers? Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 320

Today's show: Greg and Sarah interview Michael Ian Black, of The State and Stella fame!! (kind of...or maybe it was we got verbally punched by Michael Ian Black) Also, Kenny B says goodbye, Albany's finest hockey coach and getting ready for our big day of Sportlandia episode 3!! Have a great weekend!!

Funemployment Radio Episode 319

Today's show: Greg forgot to get Sarah, Enrique Iglesias is desperate, tonight I'm f-ing you, Ball Talk, Blazers win, no NFL?, Lingerie bowl, football crime, don't mess with old men, Audible, World of crazy, masturbating in cow dung, crack in crack, new anus, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 318

Today's show: wanna buy some weed?, new hair, beard diva, water aerobics, old people and cougar bait, thanks Thomas, Kenny B and Costa Rica, Balls, Blazers, combines, owl resolution, BYU, Timbers, Kenny Rogers, Kells Bells, World of Crazy hosted by Charlie Sheen, and good by to Kenny for a month!

Funemployment Radio Episode 317

Today's show: strip club, gross bathroom, old pimp, Charlie Sheen is magic, Sheen or Ultimate Warrior, Ball Talk, Blazers acquirement, Seattle is miserable, Soccer owl, Romancing the Spammer, World of Crazy, Christina arrested, sticky boy, butt bra, mayonnaise on the road, and thanks for listening!


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