Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 288

Today's Show: Greg has had way too much coffee, losing weight, Facebook weirdness, Friends characters (yes, it's 1997), different memories, Ball Talk, Blazers win!, surgery, Lance Armstrong conspiracy, naked Steffi Graff, World of Crazy, Banksy, a drunk owl, cockfight killing, knocked-up bitches, and the forum.

Funemployment Radio Episode 287

Today's Show: Sarah and food poisoning, karaoke, Meat Loaf, concert experiences, scary driving, I'll never eat chinese food again, Ball Talk, Blazers injury, Kings moving, World of Crazy, cheap butt implants, who gets butt implants?, 90 pregnant girls, Heidi the cross-eyed opossum conspiracy theory, does anyone know where we can get a cheap Mac?, and! Word.

Funemployment Radio Episode 286

Today's Show: Sarah Is Out Sick But Still Sounds Off, AARON DURAN fills in, 7 Years, Card Everyone, Hiding In A Shed, Ball Talk, Blazers, Redneck English, Indiana, World Of Crazy, Bullsharks, Big Coffee, The Wizard, Allergic To Something!


Funemployment Radio Episode 285

Today’s show: Meat Loaf tickets, Sarah’s all moved out, carpet ripped out, interrupting Kenny, Greg is crazy, Ben Bailey in-studio! (it isan amazing interview), douchey interviews, Cash Cab, airplane cougher, iPad, comedy store, movie acting, one-armed people, Ball Talk, Blazers news, World of Crazy, rat penis biting, and Sarah and Kenny annoy Greg with accents.

Hope to see you this weekend at Helium Comedy Club!

Funemployment Radio Episode 284

Today's show: Greg is delirious and grumpy, Sarah's all moved in!, stray cats, media bowling, strip clubs, ooooo that smell, small sick balls, Bret Favre's methy sister, Clippers, Gangrene Rap song, Pee Wee Soundboard, World of Crazy, is that a mink coat in your underwear?, sex with a corpse, naked girl fight, wife shoots husband in the genitals, and we're having Ben Bailey (he of comedy and Cash Cab fame!) in-studio tomorrow! Hot dog! Have a great day folks, talk to you then!

Here's a link to the story/video about the lady fight in the Florida parking lot - it's gold, Jerry.

Funemployment Radio Episode 283

Today's show: Greg is sick now, Sarah moving, meth-head neighbors, Tuggy is awesome, weird dreams, giant shark, flying, Kenny B, sleep punching, Ball Talk, Blazers, Lebron is one classy dude (not really), ebay douchebag, Nerd facts - history of popular sayings, and, of course, Heidi.

Thanks for listening! Word. Squirellzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Funemployment Radio Episode 282

Today's show: gang names, BATZ, tagging, breakfast sandwiches, we are insane, the Squirrelz, small Balls, game re-cap, Blazers news, bad news for OSU, Glasgow Diamonds,, Demolition Man vs. Fifth Element, World of Crazy, Seattle Superhero, crotch on fire, Paul the Octopus, and a cross-eyed opposum named Heidi. Thanks for listening!


Funemployment Radio Episode 281

Today's show: Bremerton sing-along, Dad's birthday, new phone, moving day, crazy cat lady neighbor, crazy Tuggy, lady night, BCS tonight!, Ball Talk, Blazers and the Heat, Seahawks, predictions, no more Colts, weird signs, World of Crazy, stapling forehead girlfriend, drunk burglar, Sound of Music man, genital biting, and goat date. Thanks for listening, go Ducks!

Funemployment Radio Episode 280

Today's show: Not being sick, Kick-ass, sleepless, spin brush, Nicolas Cage, Nerd alert, sweaty guys, Andy Wood (from Bridgetown Comedy Festival/Helium Comedy Club, Ball Talk, Blazers, power bracelets, fat and hookers, Andrew Luck, BCS, predictions, cock boobs, trolololololo, Better off dead, World of crazy, Hef, Rockabilly Barbie, sex toys, Whopper penis, Sarah songs, and things 2011 babies will never know.

Thanks so much for listening and thanks to our sponsor, H&R Block!

Funemployment Radio Episode 279

Today's show: Sarah could be delirious, Crazy people harass Greg, Media bowling gossip, Chapstick and his nostrils, Kenny B's Nerd Facts, Blazers win!, iPhone excuses, Drunk Russians, Sebastian Bach Ducks song does in fact rule, Courage Reunion!

Thanks so much for listening and thanks to our sponsor, H&R Block!

Sebastian Bach Ducks Song:
Binary Data


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