Past Episodes: 2011

Funemployment Radio Episode 434

Today: we went and watched Portlandia being filmed and it was very cool, I'm a stupid cat, Blazers meeting, Greg's audition, new intro submission, Aaron Duran in-studio, shenanigans, Conan the Barbarian!, new gaming store, Cold War or Star Trek, Sex and the City, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 433

Today - lots of coffee, broken toes, we're old, moon trivia, Salute your Shorts, Nickelodeon, Mike Tyson, Thomerun, Field of Dreams, Dr. Phil or Dr. Fünke, and I like my baby because it never grows old or gets dirty.

Funemployment Radio Episode 432

Today - how can you tell coffee is good? shiny bubbles and caffeine, Soapbox derby re-cap, mimosas and sparkling cider, Grog, bbq's, you're wearing the wrong shirt, peeing on a plane, homerun x 3, old drag queen, unique dating site, mini-blowup doll, and urine therapy. Happy Monday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 431

Hello friends! Today, due to some technical glitches, we are running a very loved and one of our favorite interviews - the one and only Bobby Lee! Everything is in the process of being fixed, have a great weekend and we'll talk to you all on Monday! Hope to see you at the Soapbox Derby tomorrow! p.s. also, Sarah will have koozies on her her if you want to buy one!

Funemployment Radio Episode 430

Today: Sarah brings her A-game, Kenny's relationship, intro submissions, Sebastian Maniscalco in-studio, friendship with Vince Vaughn, comedy in Egypt, health insurance, the ladies love cool Tuggy, swimming for 29 hours, touchdowns, Hope Solo naked, butt slasher, and feces hands.

Funemployment Radio Episode 429

Today: Greg and Sarah are crazy, listeners from Japan and Norway in-studio, Tuggy, we love Tuggy, and you are all AWESOME. Love you long time.

Funemployment Radio Episode 428

Today: Bremelo history, populations, Barney Frank farts on live television, Neon Deion Sanders, new intros, old breakable coach, Star Wars night, pink pistol in pants, the Noid is back, the "Big Latch-on" breast-feeding, and how early do you get up?

Funemployment Radio Episode 427

Today: Aaron Duran, Lloyd Center, mall chicken is delicious, sangria in coffee cups, Slayer and Rob Zombie!, adult summer camp, London riots, the Dark Knight rises and football, new jobs, and who would win the battle of the Portland Malls if they became Transformers? Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 426

Today: Kenny did a great job, Ricketts, corhole challenge, Rob Zombie and Slayer, Dom Irrera in-studio, strip clubs, domercising, huge boobs, San Fran, Chaz penis, meeting ladies, being on Seinfeld, Big Lebowski, crazy cat lady was really mean to Sarah, Millenium Falcon, intro submissions, and have a great weekend! 

Funemployment Radio Episode 425

Today: Sarah is bonkers, new talk show called "Sarah says", sassy martini, stripper, Roger, Jennie Jones, Bikini Basketball, Greg is super creepy, Krista Stodden, heterosexual pride day, no outlets, covered in feces so the dogs won't smell me, and the butt slasher. Word. Tomorrow in-studio: Dom Irrera! 


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