Past Episodes: 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 769

Today: Sarah is kind of sick, Greg is pretty crazy, Aaron Duran in-studio, girl in leather pants and creepy man filming her, is it snowing?, New Years Eve, Psalty the Singing Songbook, religious metal bands, and have a great, safe night everyone! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 768

Today: Greg has a new favorite song called Wally World, Kenny's failed diet, Greg is a cougar magnet, Ball Talk, Home Alone 2 isn't very good, Nintendo has special movies for a 5-year-old, comedy night with Myq Kaplan, and have a great weekend everyone!

Funemployment Radio Episode 767

Today: Holiday recap, Sarah's new shame shoes, Funemployment Network Holiday party, Kenny's B-day, Gamblin' with Mom, Catholic mass and super long sermons, Sarah and the tale of the stuffed sister, Sarah is creepy, Ball Talk, kids these days don't like gift cards, and Myq Kaplan in-studio talking Sarah's-without-h's, Louie Episode, Portland, podcasting and more - thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode No show today folks!

Hey friends! Since Sarah is still stuck in Bremerton alas we will not be able to bring the crazy today. We will, however, be back in-studio tomorrow with tales of the holiday and more. Thanks so much, talk to you tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 766

Today: Nopocalypse, Nibleristan and Greg as a leader (no), Sarah's family Christmas traditions, sing-a-longs, interview with Dee Simon - author of Play Something Dancy, Kielen King and his favorite headphones, update on MMA penis, playing hard to get, Super Mario groping, bones in your eye, and have a great holiday season everyone, we love you all (yes, you)! Cheers!

Funemployment Radio Episode 765

Show's up! Today the lovely Alex from Portland Button Works joined us in-studio, along with Kenny B and the hilarious Sean Patton! Thanks for listening, all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 764

Today: Sir Mix a Lot and Greg wants to be part of his gang, Mahk the Brit in-studio, squeezing breasts prevents cancer, pornography makes you forget, I forgot what I was writing, hillbilly porn, broken penis and shattered dreams, running over boyfriend, Lin on me, Holiday Crackers, worst holiday cover songs, fancy champagne, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 763

Today: Why are people wearing pajamas in public, Rick Emerson in to talk squatches (really), high school nicknames and the kids that had really bad rumors spread about them, scratch and sniff, wooden spoon, loch ness monster, high school bully in jail, The Hand Fart Master, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 762

Today: Back from Vegas! Scary plane ride, padded cowboy boots, Greg does not care for shoes, Aaron Duran in-studio, Casino employees dressed like musicians, accidental Hobbit-blocking, Sarah and the fish game, Greg and his Craps experience, and thanks for listening! Have a great Monday all, we'll talk to you tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 761

Fantastic show today featuring Vegas stories and in-studio we had the hilarious Gary Gulman talking touring with Louis CK, working in NY, having a Starbucks stand-off with an 80-year-old man, having a stand-off with a crazy lady in Trader Joe's, Comedy Central special, rules of saving places in line & more. Today's show is a long one to make up for the fact that there will be no show tomorrow! Back on Monday, have a great weekend everyone!


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