Past Episodes: January 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 545

Today: #PFMB, hooves and pizza, The Pregnancy Project, Grateful Dead bowlers smell, pooping in the backyard, magical calorie burning tips, Sarah hates Jamie Kennedy, International country eyes, parasitic invisible twin, Portland light saber man, female visitor and types of beds, and real sex in movies. Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 544

Today: Our first day of our new live stream! Hot dog! Aaron Duran in-studio, Jem and the Holograms, Transformers and Wuzzles, Saturday mornings, Greg's calendar, strange noises and War of the Worlds, squealing tennis players, Superbowl and beer, don't say you are going to 'destroy America' on Twitter, really big baby, and stay classy, Bremerton. Thanks for listening!

...Oh, and here is Greg as the 'Midnight Marauder'. Really.

Funemployment Radio Episode 543

Today: Sarah does not want Greg to be happy, Greg is a slave driver, weekend work, moving to mid-days, Greg's naked lady calendar ends up in the garbage, twitter trouble, no more astronauts, $6 sex act, and have a great weekend! Rick Emerson's last show starts today at noon, don't miss it

Funemployment Radio Episode 542

Today: Big Jim Willig, Mark the Brit, Mickeys, expensive champagne, world of crazy, butt injections, nothing but chicken nuggets, British as American, interview with Greg Fitzsimmons, and thanks for listening! We love you long time.

Funemployment Radio Episode 541

Today was so so fun! Sarah is a Debbie Downer and kills all of Greg's dreams, which include walking around pantsless as an 80-year-old man and Ghost Whisperer (really) spoilers, World of Crazy with horses sex (ew), joy-riding bodies, pantsless priest (theme?), brother's whore girlfriend, is it Courtney Stodden or Sarah Dylan?, and thanks for chatting live, all, you are all goddamn hilarious. Tomorrow on the show Greg Fitzsimmons, as well as Mark the Brit! Cheers!

Funemployment Radio Episode 540

Today: Meat Loaf, Babbit Chalupas, Pig Face Man Boy has talked shit - and now the gloves are off, creating the Rock Opera, new ideas for shows, brewing beer, bathroom etiquette, to zip up or not to zip up?, Yearnal blocking, small but fiercely virile balls, Courtney Stodden tweets and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 539

Today: It was Pammy Fever! (not really) Chatted about hanging out with Craig Montoya who Greg is mad at, Tommy Tutone is Sarah's soul mate and refused to play 867-5309, texting Daniel Baldwin, Jennifer Love Hewitt's shiny boobs, Superbowl set, Jay Cutler's boys can swim, and thanks for listening!

Sarah & Tommy Tutone

Funemployment Radio Episode 538

Today: hot pockets and shame chips, Sarah wants a food pill, Kenny is manorexic, Greg's food coma, 17 1/2 chicken nuggets, metabolism, Etta James, Hootie and the Blowfish + Creepy-oke, Rob Lowe and Payton Manning and Lifetime, tea bagging, New England vs. the Giants, Nerd fact confessions, and have a great weekend all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 537

Today: super-special surprise guest Bill Oakley! He was, quite literally, walking by the studio and popped in for some malt liquor and a chat, including his work on Portlandia, parking tickets, going to court, the Baltimore Ravens, and here's hoping Greg doesn't jinx his team. Thanks for listening all, please tell a friend about Funemployment Radio if you're a fan! Cheers!

Funemployment Radio Episode 536

Wow, today was a hot mess... a hot, magical mess. That sounds wrong. Have a great slushy day, all! Also, check out our press release to find out what's new in our world; thanks for listening!!


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