Past Episodes: January 2012

Funemployment Radio Episode 535

Today: It's (not) a snowpocalypse! Media bowling, pigface manboy, Midnight Marauder, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Paris vs. Kim (really), spying on neighbors, finding things you shouldn't in drawers, sexual favors for chicken mcnuggets, airline accidental death sentence, if I die app, and thanks for listening!!

Funemployment Radio Episode 534

Today: Crowned and Dangerous, no snow, Mickey's, Aaron Duran, Captain America and Thor, comic books, Wonder Woman background, country peeping, bus ride, Informer, virile balls, pancake injury, victory whiskey, happy birthdays, and thanks for listening!


Funemployment Radio Episode 533

Today: Greg has a cloggy noggin, bullshit tea, Trail Mix, free sample bulk food, Neil Diamond Day, the Jazz Singer, the rabbit bit the dust, puzzle dilemma, Greg's predictions to ruin your weekend (sorry Texans, Giants, Saints & Patriots fans), Kenny's armpits (ew), nerd fiction, Mac and Me, and Flight of the Navigator. Have a good snowy weekend! woo!


Funemployment Radio Episode 532

Today: grumpy Greg is sick, will it snow?, weather psychics, Ian Karmel in-studio - hilarious local comedian!, Portlandia, moving to LA, Improv vs. Stand-up, vices, flying on bubble planes, Oregon Ducks helmet, casino downtown, Tim Tebow songs, and have a great night all, morning show tomorrow!

Funemployment Radio Episode 531

Today: hotpockets for breakfast, 2011 coffee, country shower, body shower vs. shower, whore's bath, Shan from Shanrock's Trivia!, Pee-Wee quiz, invisible children in the halls, Twisted Sister, downstairs mix-up, Purple Rain, and thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 530

Today: media bowling update, Grateful Dead stinky hippie bowling league, corn cob dogs, skin peeled off, Chaz and his penis, Lindsay Lohan is Lifetime's Liz Taylor?, flying lizard insect, playing in Church... with yourself, twittering athletes, Max910, and garbage disposal penis. Happy Tuesday!

Funemployment Radio Episode 529

Today: fun weekend, classy as fuck weekend breakfast, Paranormal Activity 3, scary shit, movie talk, chat, Aaron Duran in-studio, Media Bowling, Portlandia, Greg really screwed a lot of people with his predictions, good-bye to Roma hat, Walter, Ball Talk and the Nibler curse, and Courtney Stodden is tweet-tastic! Thanks for listening!

Funemployment Radio Episode 528

Today: Blazers win! Fun chat box, Greg and Kenny riding in a car together, Kenny and basketball, where is Greg's phone?, Nerd Facts with Kenny are a complete failure, Whoopi's invisible eyebrows, celebrating J-Lo's entire catalogue, Selena, and the Mexican Candyman. Have a great weekend, all!

Funemployment Radio Episode 527

Today: nom nom nom nom nom, Greg is a human Walter, Cancers vs. Libras, skittley crab, magical world, Lifetime movie quiz for Sarah, Linda Tripp, psychic stripper, stripping Greg, gay dance party, Pink Floyd, yogurt commercial, fuck the Lakers, and have a great day!

Funemployment Radio Episode 526

Today was damn hilarious, the live chat is the greatest idea EVER.... goddamn, you guys are hilarious. We talked about Trammies, hookers on busses, who Tina really is, Thunder girls, sports fans, BARRY HERRIDGE and his enormous head, who would have sex with Sinead O'Conner, twitter, and thanks for listening! My face hurts from laughing.


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